Food should be used to nourish our bodies and nurture our souls.
Our mission is to empower you to restore balance in your body and life!

Here at Freedom Wellness our philosophy is centred around mindset, education and creating lasting behaviours so you experience long term health success. 
We believe food is to be enjoyed so our clients practice an 80/20 approach with nutrition. 80% of the time is focused around nourishing the body, while 20% of the time is focused on nourishing the soul. So whether you love, pizza, chocolate or hot chips (all of Shelleys favourites) we will find a way to healthily incorporate it into your lifestyle whilst still achieving your health goals.
We specialise in personalised, one-on-one support were we use the power of food to heal and allow the body to thrive naturally on its own. 
We have a passion for womens health, helping our clients achieve their ultimate health outcomes with a range of conditions including female hormonal health, preconception care, pregnancy nutrition, postpartum care and gut health.  The FW practice is currently located online, with all consults ran virtually via Zoom, FaceTime or Phone. 


Hi, thanks for stopping by, my name is Shelley. I am a Mumma to two boys, a clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath and the founder of Freedom Wellness.

At age 24 I experienced a sudden health storm within my body. I suddenly and very quickly lost over 10kgs. My digestive health declined rapidly. I was so fatigued I couldn’t get myself out of bed for a 4 week period. Iron was not being absorbed by my body meaning I needed numerous iron infusions in a short period of time and I was so sick I was on 24hr supervision. After more and more investigations eventually I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition. I remember receiving my diagnoses and that day walked out from the specialist with a bag full of pills. I was to take one pill a day for the rest of my life in order to control my health and how I generally felt on a day to day basis. This being my only option really didn’t sit well with me.

I made it my mission to learn about nutrition and how I could overcome and manage this diagnoses by using the ‘food is medicine’ principles.

(Note: I do NOT under any circumstances encourage you to disregard what your medical practitioner has advised and or prescribed you.) I learnt to listen to the screams and whispers of my body (which I previously ignored), I researched foods and made huge but necessary lifestyle changes. I used myself as a guinea pig and watched my health drastically start to improve, and for the first time in years I felt really amazing.

I wanted to share this new found sense of well-being, continue to grow my knowledge and help others overcome their own health concerns. So I went on to study Nutritional Medicine and became a clinical Nutritionist

This degree allowed me to pair my own experience with clinical research and really create an impact and change with my clients health. This thirst for knowledge and understanding then led me to focus on a range of health conditions and continue expanding my knowledge.

After my Nutritional Medicine degree, I went on to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy. Now 9 years on I still manage the Hashimoto’s diagnoses through the power of food and live a happy, healthy and well balanced life, helping others do the same.