My mission is to empower you to restore balance in your body and life!

Freedom Wellness is a support system for all things health and wellness. Our philosophy is centred around mindset, education and creating lasting behaviours so you can get off the yo-yo dieting train once and for all.

At Freedom Wellness we share knowledge and passion, in the hope to inspire you to make healthy and positive changes in all areas of your life. We believe the key to success is focusing not only on nutrition and fitness but on your mind, body, soul and your environment also. Whether your goals are weight loss, overall lifestyle haul, presenting with a health condition or any other concerns we are here to help you.

My Story:

My name is Shelley McKenzie and Freedom Wellness was born after my own health took a shifted for the worst. After being diagnosed with a thyroid condition called Hashimotos, I made it my mission to learn about nutrition and how I could overcome my Hashimotos by using the ‘food is medicine’ principles. I learnt to listen to the screams and whispers of my body (which I previously ignored), I researched foods and made huge but necessary lifestyle changes. I used myself as a guinea pig and watched my health drastically start to improve, and for the first time in years I felt really amazing. I wanted to share this new found sense of well-being, continue to grow my knowledge and help others overcome their own health concerns. So I went on to study Nutritional Medicine and became a Nutritionist.

I was working as a Personal Trainer at the time. I watched clients constantly train their butts off and eat well for a few weeks only to fall off the wagon and continue to repeat this cycle over and over again. As I got further into my Nutritional Medicine studies I realised that in order to help clients create change. There was a need to close the gap between what clients say they want and what they actually do. It was then I decided to become a Wellness Coach to learn the tools and principles needed to empower my clients to make long term changes once and for all and to avoid the yo-yo dieting cycle.


  • Cert 3 & 4 in Group Exercise and Personal Training
  • Cert 1 & 2 in Wellness Coaching
  • Adv Dip in Nutritional Medicine
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) - Currently studying.