Shelley McKenzie is a Nutritionist, soon to be Naturopath and your host and is here to give you the tools you need to take control of your health. Through this podcast she wished to empower and inspire you to restore balance in your body and life.

Tune in every week to hear the people 'in the know' interviewed about ways in which you can live your best and healthiest life. Shelley is passionate about covering the topics that women are faced with everyday. Each episode we dive into topics surrounding women's health such as body image, the effects of social media, hormone health, gut health, fad dieting, stress and so much more.

She wants nothing more than for you to live your happiest most inspired life!

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FWP 43: How To Overcome Anxiety Without Quitting Your Job Or Meditating With The Monks

Today we are joined by Vesna, a Naturopath, Coach, Mind-body Medicine Specialist and Speaker.  Today we are going to learn how to overcome anxiety without quitting your job or meditating with the monks, and dive into the effects that stress can have on our bodies and how to overcome this. After experiencing her own health storm in her early 20’s and eventually hitting a point of burnout, Vesna now makes it her mission to help women find a plan that combats stress whilst easily waves into their busy lives.

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FWP 40: Enhance Your Fertility with Kasey Wilson

Kasey Willson is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, writer and speaker who is passionate about educating women to live healthier, happier lives. Kasey is more than ever passionate to support women throughout their fertility, pregnancy and motherhood journey. So today we chat to Kasey about her latest book- Glowing Mumma. It is her wish to empower you and your partner with the life changing information for nourishing yourselves, to create a happy, healthy little one (or more) into your lives.

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FWP 41: Body Image with Lyndi Cohen

After a decade of yo-yo dieting and hating her body, Lyndi finally realise that life too short to obsess over calories and punish yourself with exercise. Lyndi quit dieting, learned to stop emotional eating. While she ended up losing 20kg, the real benefit was that she was no longer controlled by food. Today, Lyndi is an advocate for positive body image and eating healthily, without restricting, becoming obsessed and doesn’t believe you should mess with your mental health to lose a few kilos.


FWP 42: Finding Your Purpose with Alison Morgan

Alison Morgan is one of Australia’s leading Business Coaches, specialising in helping Health, Wellness, Beauty and Lifestyle businesses grow their Business, Brand and Profile. With over 20 years of experience in Marketing and over 7 years of Private Business Coaching clients with her company Relauncher, Alison knows how to create successful businesses.

Website: https://www.relauncher.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/relauncher

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/relauncher_alison/


FWP 37: All You Need To Know About Your Female Body With Dr. Lady Doctor

Dr. Kelly Culwell a.k.a. “Dr. Lady Doctor” is a fellowship-trained OB/GYN who is passionate about women’s health care. She’s here to dispel any shame or misconceptions women have about their beautiful! Today we get the inside scoop into what we should be asking our Gyno in our 20’s,30’s,40’s,50’s and 60’s.

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FWP 38: Anxiety and Depression with Dr Wayne Todd

Anxiety and Depression can be crippling for those who suffer with it. More and more we are talking about these disorders and learning ways to overcome them. Today we chat with Dr Wayne Todd all about Sympathetic Dominance and how it relates to Anxiety and Depression. We give you some incredible tools to help manage and perhaps even overcome these disorders. We absolutely hope this helps anyone you know suffering with any form of Anxiety and/or Depression.


FWP 39: Everything You Need To Know About The Pill with Nat Kringoudis

Nat Kringoudis is a Dr of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist and Best Selling Author. Natalie has accepted the task of inspiring wellness, not only to those embarking on becoming parents, but equally important to her, educating young women of how their choices shape their reproductive health. She believes this is the key to addressing the infertility epidemic.  For Natalie, fertility isn’t just about babies, it’s about outstanding health.


Episode 34: Meet Your Host Shelley

Today the roles are reversed and Jess will be interview Shelley. We thought with a new year upon us, it’s time you hear our stories in depth. Shelley dives into her health and wellbeing journey, how she healed from hashimoto's, why she became a Nutritionist, plus all the quirky things you may not know about her otherwise.


Episode 35: Meet Your Host Jess

The roles are reversed again this week as Shelley interviews Jess. We will dive into Jess' healthy upbringing, how she discovered Chiropractic and Yoga and why she loves to do what she does everyday. We will chat about her passions and how having a healthy lifestyle has shaped her whole life.

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Website: www.drjessnaughton.com

Instagram: @drjessnaughton

Facebook: Dr Jess Naughton


FWP 36: Fuel Your Fitness With Amy Giannotti

Today we talk about to Amy a qualified Sports Dietitian, Personal Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Running Coach and Yoga Teacher about a topic we are passionate about and that is overtraining and knowing enough is enough. We dive into pre and post workout fuel, disordered eating and more. This is an amazing episode and not to be missed.

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Episode 31: Change Your Brain To Heal Your Pain with P. Brendon Lundberg

Do you suffer from Chronic pain? Today Jess and Shelley chat to Brendon Lundberg (a former chronic pain sufferer) and now co founder of radiant relief, with the aim to transform the way chronic pain is treated with the safest most effective and non invasive therapy. The scientific understanding of pain has changed significantly...it’s all about the brain not the tissue! Brendon and his Radiant Co-Founder David B. Farley M.D, also have released a book ”Radiant Relief - A Case for a Better Solution to Chronic Pain.”

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Episode 32: Western Vs Alternative Medicine – Which Do You Choose With Melissa Gearing.

Today we are interviewing Melissa Gearing. Mel is passionate about prescribing herbal medicine as a tool in fighting illness and imbalance within the body. Mel aims to fuse traditional herbal medicine with current research and evidence. She believes in an integration of herbal and pharmaceutical interventions. So today we chat about western versus alternative medicine and how to use both.

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Episode 33: The Rise Of People Emotionally Addicted To Food with Cyndi O’Meara

Today we are joined by Cyndi O’Meara to chat about the increases numbers of people emotionally addicted to food. Cyndi is a Nutritionist, best-selling author of Changing Habits, Changing Lives, real food advocate, international speaker, film maker (What’s With Wheat) and the founder of Changing Habits, an online holistic health destination offering wellness products, programs and guides to nourish yourself and your family.

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Episode 28: Lets Talk Shit… Literally with Kale Brock

Today we are talking shit, literally with Kale Brock. Kale is an award nominated writer, producer and speaker. With a background in TV journalism, Kale has a passion for creative story telling with a special interest in health & wellbeing. His long awaited documentary, The Gut Movie, investigates the human microbiome in a scientific, quirky & fun journey in which he travels to Namibia to live with The San tribe. Kale’s books, The Gut Healing Protocol and The Art Of Probiotic Nutrition, have generated international acclaim.

Website: www.kalebrock.com.au

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kalesbroccoli/


Episode 29: Autoimmunity and Leaky Gut with Wayne Todd

Hashimotos Thyroiditis, Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn's disease, Coeliac Disease, Diabetes, Addison's disease, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Systemic Lupus Erythematous... The list of Autoimmune diseases goes on and on... and why? Is the root cause of all these conditions inflammation and leaky gut? Today we dive into this important topic and help you find the root cause of your Autoimmune condition, AND give you some tools to help get your symptoms back in control.

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Episode 30: You Do It Every Second, But Are You Doing It Right with Shane and Angie Saunders

Life is better when you breathe and few peoples understand what it means to really breathe. So today we bring in the big guns. Shane and Ange credit daily breathing techniques for helping them to build up a health and wellness business focusing on the breathe. Today we dive into how breathing can declutter the mind, help with digestion, anxiety, stress and more.


Episode 25: Is Social Media Healing Or Harming You with Jess and Shell

We are having a conversation about the world of social media, influencers and what effects these people are having on the health industry, both positive and unfortunately in some cases negative. The girls dive into what to look for, what to listen to and why it is so important to do your research about when it comes to health advice or better yet finding the most appropriate health professional for you and your health.

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Episode 26: Introduction To Gut Health with Nat from MOJO Beverages

Is gut health a fad or something worth knowing about? Today we chat to Natalie Ford, a qualified Nutritionist who holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine and has a passion for helping people fall in love with food and establishing healthy relationships with eating. Nat works for Kombucha company Mojo Beverages and today dives in to gut health and how what we put into our bodies has a much greater impact than we realise and that eating well is one of the most sustainable health choices we can make for ourselves and the world around us.


Episode 27: The Low Down On Kombucha with Jessie From MOJO Beverages

Are you a Kombucha drinker? Maybe you have been drinking it and not really knowing all the health benefits, or perhaps you have had a bad experience with it? Today we chat to Jessie from Mojo Kombucha to learn all there is to know about Kombucha and the health benefits. Jess lives and breathes kombucha as part of the MOJO team based in Willunga, South Australia. She’s a fermentation fanatic with a branding background, and works as part of the marketing team to help raise awareness of kombucha and its health benefits with Australian consumers.

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Episode 22: Hormonal Imbalance with Dr Wayne Todd

Have you listened to our first episode with Dr Wayne Todd on Sympathetic Dominance? If not head their first! This episode we are chatting with Wayne all about how Sympathetic Dominance can lead to an array of hormonal issues. Oestrogen dominance, PCOS, infertility, thyroid issues.... you name it. Sympathetic Dominance may be the underlying cause, or a strong influencer between you becoming as healthy as you can. Tune in to learn how and why, and what you can do to help yourself!


Episode 23: Meditation and Mindfullness with Emma Maidment

We are joined by Emma Maidment to talk about meditation, mindfulness and how to live a life in the present moment. Emma is passionate about sharing ways to live an authentic and connected life. As a yoga and meditation teacher, writer, presenter and co-founder of Mindful Mornings and Ritual Retreats she runs retreats, workshops, events and speaks on health and wellbeing around Australia and the world.


Episode 24: What’s With Wheat with Cyndi O’Meara

Want to know ‘What’s With Wheat?’ Today we are joined by Cyndi O’Meara to chat about gluten and wheat, the evolution processes, symptoms of an intolerance and more.

Cyndi is passionate about empowering people to make simple and long-lasting changes to their health, Cyndi offers life skills to eliminate unhealthy habits and motivate people to make smarter choices about the foods they are consuming.


Episode 19: Sympathetic Dominance with Dr Wayne Todd

Do you feel stressed? Today we bring in the big guns Dr Wayne Todd to talk about Sympathetic Dominance. Wayne is practicing Chiropractor who has completed extensive post graduate training in Functional Neurology - making him one of very few in Australia with this knowledge. Within his 30 years of clinic practice he recognised a common link between many different issues and that was being in a state of chronic stress or as we now know it - Sympathetic Dominance. This is a huge topic and this chronic state of stress may be the root cause of a whole host of health issues, therefore we will be recording a series of podcasts with Wayne so that we can go in depth with some of the most common.


Episode 20: Getting to The Root Cause of Skin Health with Madilyn Woolens

Have you suffered from skin issues in your lifetime. You are not alone!

Today we chat to Madilyn a Registered Nurse specialising in Cosmetic medicine with a background in Gastronintestinal Nursing. Despite her western medical background, she greatly believes and uses Functional Medicine treatment, particularly when it comes to treating our bodies greatest organ.. The skin! Her passion is helping to educate and shed light on the need for a more holistic assessment when it comes to our skin and overall health concerns.  


Episode 21: Sleep Solutions with Jess & Shell.

Today we chat to you all about sleep. Sleep is one of the most common reasons people seek professional help, and it is also one of the most highly medicated disorders. Many people are taking things like valium, and other classes of meds that “help” them sleep. The thing is with these drugs they have significant side effects, and like most things, aren’t necessarily getting to the root cause of the issue! Today we are giving you natural sleep solutions to help you sleep easily.

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Episode 16: Less is Best with Tribe Skincare

Many of us have heard of parabens, but do we really know why they are used and the effects they are having on our health? Today we are joined to by Kayla founder of Tribe skincare. Tribe skincare is an entirely natural range that is cruelty free, vegan, Australian made and suitable for sensitive skin. We dive into what parabens and other harsh chemicals actually are and chat all things skin routines and why less might be better.  

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Episode 17: Overcoming Insecurities with Jaemin Frazer

Did you know the average person has around 70,000 internal conversations with ourselves each day, and the average woman has 30,000 self limiting or negative thoughts about herself each day. After hearing these stats we decided to get on someone who could help us work through our self limiting beliefs. Jaemin is one of Australia's leading personal development experts with a specific focus on helping people eradicate insecurity from their life. This is a must listen to.


Episode 18: A Models Life with Steph Claire Smith

Today on the podcast we are joined by Australian model Steph Claire Smith. Stephs career took off in 2013 and has represented some massive brands in the health and wellness industry. We dive into what a day in the life and on her plate looks like, how she manages her Instagram account with a whopping 1.2 million followers and her health and wellness philosophy around food, fitness and mentality.


Episode 13: Secret Womens Business with Andrea Huddleston

Today we are joined by Dr Andrea Huddleston. Andrea is a women’s health, natural fertility expert, integrative chiropractor and owner of The Wellness Studio in Fremantle. She is the co-host of the award winning, top-rated podcast Wellness Women Radio and is affectionately referred to as ‘the period whisperer’ by her patients! She is obsessed with all things women’s health, hormonal function, the gut brain axis and how gut health impacts hormonal balance… and today we cover topics including fertility, estrogen imbalances and pcos.


Episode: 14: Stress Less with Shelley and Jess 

Who is living a life in stress mode? Don’t worry you are not alone and to be honest in today's day and age it is hard not to respond to so much of the world in a fight or flight mode. Today on the FWP Shelley and Jess dive into what stress actually is. What stress is doing to your body. What foods can help dampen the stress response and a whole heaps of cheap and effective lifestyle tips you can start implementing today.


Episode 15: The Natural Life with Natural Harry

Natural Harry began as a vintage caravan that  sold 100% organic smoothies and raw desserts from, it then evolved into 2 self-published recipe books and most recently a slow fashion & sustainable items boutique and online store. Her approach to health is down-to-earth and being a very multi-passionate person it has lead her in so many different directions. She has just completed her 200h yoga teacher training where she hopes to use this as a way to give back! So today they chat about all things health and how to live a natural well balanced life.


Episode 10: Overcoming Orthorexia with Monique from Nourished Everyday

Today on FWP we chat with Monique from Nourish Everday. Monique lived through her early twenties with orthorexia, a disorder that is characterised by an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating and exercise habits. Through the correct mindset, support, and nutrition and exercise habits, she has subsequently overcome this to now live a life of nourishment. She wants to empower others to nourish their body and is passionate about sharing tips on how you can do this.

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Website: https://nourisheveryday.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nourish_everyday/


Episode 11: Finding Motivation to Exercise with Laura Henshaw.

Need extra motivation when it comes to your fitness? Then this is a must listen to. Shelley and Jess are joined by Laura Henshaw. Laura is an Australian model and law student who is making her mark in the health industry with her huge passion for health and fitness. Known for her love of running and helping others make healthy meals and lifestyle choices, Laura has rapidly become one of Australia’s highly sought after health and fitness bloggers. Together with Keep in Cleaner partener Steph Claire Smith, the dynamic duo released their first book Keep It Clean in 2015, and soon after their program Keep It Cleaner and healthy product range.

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Website: https://kicgirls.com/commit

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laura.henshaw/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/keepitcleaner/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/keepitcleaner1/


Episode 12: The Healthy Live with Jessica Sepel

Jess has been on a rollercoaster health journey ever since she was 14. Jumping onto the diet wheel, obsessing over her weight and having an unhealthy relationship with her food, mind and body. This lead her to studying Nutrition Medicine, release two beautiful health books, a vitamin range and a health app. Now Jess leads and helps others with her gentle and well balanced approach to nutrition, health and wellbeing. She is all about living the balanced life so today that is what the girls chat about. It’s one thing to want to do it, but how do we actually achieve it?

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Episode 7: Sustainable Living with Jake from Coconut Bowls

Sustainable living has become one of the hottest topics in the wellness space and for good reason. Today we bring on Jake from Coconut Bowls to dive deeper into this topic and how just one person can make such a big environmental difference to the greater good. No doubt if you are on Instagram you have seen many amazing creations in these simple yet beautiful bowls which are made out of coconut shells. Not only has Jakes company started a movement throughout the social media world, but is impacting the environment in amazing ways.

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Episode 8: Find Your Inner Fulfilment & Mastery Your Destiny with Stephanie Rice

Today we are joined by Stephanie Rice, 3 time olympic gold medalist, mentor and entrepreneur.  Steph has co- authored her own book ‘The Art of Wellness,’ and now mentors  beautiful people from around the world. Her passion is to share her wealth of knowledge & insights in order to positively impact other people lives & inspire them to be the best they can be. Today we chat all about mindset, why it’s important to have a vision, how to gain internal gratification and how to set achievable goals.


Episode 9: Boost Your Immune System Naturally with Shelley and Jess

Who else is feeling the cold? Yep we hear you. So today on the podcast we are sharing with you the tips and tricks you need to know to keep your immune system strong and healthy this Winter.  The best part is most of the tips are free!

  • Learn why having a cold is a sign of good health.

  • Learn how to get the medicinal properties you need out of your food.

  • How certain lifestyle strategies can keep you healthy.

  • And more!

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Find Shelley & Jess Here:

Website:  Vida Lifestyles 

Instagram:  @freedomwellness @drjessnaughton


Episode 6: Nourishment Over Punishment with Sally O’Neil from The Fit Foodie

This week on the FWP we are excited to interview Sally O'Neil from The Fit Foodie. Sally is a self confessed fitness and health food lover. The girls dive into Sallys journey from weight loss to orthorexia, to how she found balance in her life. The Fit Foodie blog is a hub for all things healthy, fit, stylish, and inspirational. Sal shares her passion for wellbeing and fitness, and says her “mission is to give you the information and inspiration to feel nourished and happy.” So in this episode learn how to naturally lose weight, and nourish your body over punishing your body.


Episode 4: The Four Pillars of Health with Ellie Bell from The Collective Elite

Sometimes we have the best intentions to begin an exercise program, but as life gets in the way unfortunately this can be an element of one's health that keeps getting pushed aside. Ellie Bell from the Collective Elite today shares what she calls the four pillars of health and gives you the tools you need to start somewhere.


Episode 5: Too Coffee or Not? With Shelley and Jess

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether coffee is good or bad for your health. So today we dive deep into the good, the bad and how coffee is serving you in the most positive and negative ways. We talk about the best time to drink it, which coffee to drink and so much more. I hope all your questions are answered.

Find us here:

Instagram: Freedom Wellness

Instagram: Dr Jess Naughton

Facebook: Freedom Wellness


Episode 1: Meet Your Hosts Shelley & Jess

Today Shelley and Jess go into detail about there individual health journeys and why creating a podcast was so important to them. Hear what they are wanting to achieve with the podcast and get excited for some of the amazing guests they have coming on the show to chat about all things health and wellness.

Find Shelley & Jess Here:

Website:  Vida Lifestyles 

Instagram: @drjessnaughton @freedomwellness


Episode 2: Overcoming Chronic Fatigue with Jasmine Fitzgibbon

From  chronic  fatigue to  bursting with  energy! Are you feeling tired and  fatigued? Shelley and Jess  know how frustrating and in  some cases debilitation that can  be so this episode is dedicated to  overcoming fatigue. In this episode Shelley and Jess chat  to Jasmine Fitzgibbon. Jasmine has gone from “overworked to  undernourished,” suffering from glandular fever, chronic fatigue,  gut issues and more, to bursting with energy daily. Tune in to hear how she does it.   

Find Jasmine Here:

Website: The Wholesome Heart

Instagram: @thewholesomeheart


Episode 3: Kim Morrison from Twenty8 Essentials

This week Shelley and Jess interview Kim Morrison from Twenty8 Essential Oils and Up For A Chat Podcast. They discuss why natural skincare is important for your health, and how you can transition easily, and effectively from generic brands to nourishing natural ones. Tune in to learn why, and how natural is the only way to go when it comes to any products your putting on your skin, in your body, or in your home.

Find Kim Here:

Website: www.twenty8.com

Instagram: @Twenty.8.essentials

Jess and Shelley are in private practice, and are dedicated to helping you solve your health concerns.

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