"Coming to Freedom Wellness was the best thing for me and my stage of life. I had 4 children close together, had put on weight and was stuck. We ate well as a family and I had done all the research but didn't know what to do. I came in weighing 85kg and 7 months later I have 15kg in total and 12kg of this is pure fat. 

It has been a balanced approach, making it long term sustainable. I can't recommend highly enough Freedom Wellness. It's simple but I couldn't have done this without seeing someone regularly. I feel like I felt before having children which is an amazing achievement, I feel healthier with is most important, let alone looking hot." - Julia 


“I feel so much more in control than I did 12 weeks ago, & so much more aware of myself, my thoughts, my body, etc. The Be Well program has been different to anything else I have ever tried - But for the better! I originally signed up to ‘lose weight’ but actually gained so much more and learnt so much more which is way more important to me now than dropping a few kilos.” - Lauren


"Some feedback on yesterday’s session with Shelley Mckenzie, on her health and wellbeing session to the group yesterday.   It was an excellent presentation and throughout the presentation it was echoed on the need to change eating or life habits and how food is part of the whole person.  Yesterday’s session was a great way to introduce a healthy office culture in which PEXA supports.  Loved the information provided on coffee!  Can’t believe someone has 5 coffees a day!   I was very happy with the information that was given to the group, she is very knowledgeable in the area of health and had great energy!    

I loved her education piece on portion sizes, coffee, and 80/20 method" - Laura


“The Be Well program was refreshing in so many ways. You have the support you need the whole way through the program and you are setting your own goals with the guidance from Shelley. You can make this as strict or as lenient as you want. At the beginning Shelley told me “this isn’t about telling you what to do and having you eating broccoli and chicken every meal. This is about you finding your ideal balance in life and getting the long term results you are after” and it really was. I can’t recommend this program enough.” - Larissa


“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Shelley. I saw Shelley regarding my 16 month old daughter Charlie’s poor sleeping. After just 3 nights of some basic sleep training and Shelley’s nutritional recommendations, Charlie slept for 13.5hrs and has a 2.5hr sleep that day. I can’t thank Shelley enough and I am so happy for not only Charlie but happier myself for getting a good night's sleep. Shelley also assisted me with nutritional advice which allowed me to successfully exclusively breastfeed my daughter for 13 months and has helped me extensively with last and current pregnancies. If you are looking for help with nutrition or general advice make sure you see Shell” - Ruby