What Foods Should be Avoided During Pregnancy?

What Foods Should be Avoided During Pregnancy?

Personally I haven’t avoided any foods because I think all foods have a purpose.

There are many foods that are recommended not to be eaten when pregnant. To name a few:

  • Raw and runny eggs.

  • Fish, particularly high in mercury.

  • Raw fish and shellfish.

  • Cured meats

  • Caffeine

  • Soft cheeses

Most of these suggestions are based on caution rather than research as there is little research done for pregnant women. The cautions surround the preparation, packaging and storage of certain foods with the risk of it being contaminated with listeria or other harmful bacterias. There may be a greater risk as a pregnant women your immune system is weakened. Something to definitely to be aware of and of course to be taken very seriously.

However the quality of food matters and rather than cutting out essential foods that are going to support you and your babies growth and nutritional needs, I would recommend always choosing the best quality possible when opting for these foods to avoid the risks. If we think about our mothers and mothers mothers. These issues weren’t a problem for them. Why? I believe a lot of it comes down to the quality and manufacturing of foods.

My pregnancy:

Throughout my whole pregnancy I have chosen to eaten all foods with caution. The reason I did this was because I believe all foods have a purpose and I would prefer to feed my body with optimal food that supported my forever changing body than with too many supplements. I excepted that god forbid anything happened to my baby I wouldn’t blame it on the poached egg I ate at home because I know and trust my food. Instead I would look at the bigger picture and when we had a miscarriage the first time this was exactly what I did. I knew it was natures way of taking care of something that was not right, not the food I chose to eat.

I see many pregnant mums and mums to be, and this is always a topic we discuss. Because although I have chosen this way it doesn’t mean you have to, of course you can supplement and try to get your nutrients other ways. This too is achievable. I always say to my Mummas, exactly that… If something did happen you need to be ok with all of your choices up until that point and not blame yourself. If you feel you wouldn’t be able to do this than opt for supplementation.

How I choose quality food:

There are some questions I have asked the whole way through my pregnancy.

• Is this food local? 

• Is it organic?  

• Is it a trustworthy brand? And in some cases I have called the brand to chat to them.

• Nutritionally what support is it giving me and baby Mac, and is this nutrient essential for either of us during this trimester.

Here are some examples:

Eggs - I am a massive fan but love poached eggs. Firstly I have only eaten poached eggs at home because I know what I am eating and where they are from. Secondly I have made sure my eggs are organic, local, clean without the dirt and there is only 30 or so hens per hectare with the eggs are collected regularly. Why is this important? Because the less chickens in a space and the more often eggs are collected the less likely bacteria can grow. To put some numbers around the chances of getting salmonella from good quality eggs, its 1 in 20,000 is thought to be contaminated.

Fish - I have eaten lots of fish throughout my pregnancy because its full of all your essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals which help support the brain function of bubba and studies have shown it reduces the risk of autism. I have just stayed away from fish that is high in mercury - swordfish, king mackerel and shark, all of which are not local to me anyway.

Again this was my thought process around my food choices throughout my pregnancy. It is risky sharing this information as some people may disagree because there is so much fear around our food choices as pregnant women. However I hope by sharing my experience and thought process It helps you establish what you want to do. It is always advised to speak to your health care provider and receive all the information you need to know to make the best choice for you and your bubba. No one else knows your body like you.