What is Your Natural Weight

It's BACK! The Your Natural Weight program.

This is one of my favourite programs to run. I love watching people transform their bodies and lifestyles to live a healthy and happier one. This program is designed to help you shift weight fast. But when I say fast it's not in the traditional sense where we restrict calories, you train your butt off, and you hate life. No it's that we shake up your diet just enough for your body to react in a positive way and bring your body back to it's natural weight.

I want you to feel confident this summer. In fact I want to give you the tools to feel confident every Summer. This is not just a once off program to help you loose weight. Once you know how to eat right for your body type you can continue on this path to feel amazing.

"I've had clients loose 6kg while still enjoying 2 squares of dark chocolate very night with a cup of tea. It's all about balance and education." - Shelley

What can you expect:

  • An abundance of energy.

  • A clear head, full of clarity.

  • A rasie in your confidence.

  • Decreased cravings.

  • A new love for food.

  • A new love for yourself.

We use real whole foods to help you lose weight! You will enjoy a range of good proteins, amazing fats and whole food carbohydrates.

  • The program is designed to help you shift weight.

  • You will lose 3 - 7kg in the 21 days. Depended on how much weight your body needs to loose.

  • Learn how to use whole foods to get real results without calorie restricting.

  • Decrease your risk associated with weight gain and lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers.

What is included?

  • A 21 day program.

  • 4 x 15 minute consultations with myself via Skype or in person.

  • Supplements are at an additional cost.

The next Intake:

  • Intake begins on the 24th September 2018.

  • Monday the 1st of October the program will begin.

  • Limit places available.

  • Register below today to secure your spot.