Why your diet isn't working!

It's a common theme I see in practice. Beautiful women falling victim to the dieting world and just can not understand why the diet isn't working.

We are half way through Winter now, meaning that Summer is just around the corner. It's only natural that throughout Winter we eat heavier and heartier foods which can lead to a few extra kg's for some of us. After all our bodies were designed this way to keep us warm through the colder months. But before we panic about the thought of getting into a bikini in a couple of months I wanted to address why diets don't always work, especially long term.

We have all heard of the dieting cycle right?

Decide to go on a diet - Clean up diet and restrict food - Lose weight - Feel good initially - Then the fatigue, low moods, sugar cravings hit in - We start to get over the diet or we hit our goal weight - Start to eat more - Crave more - Sometimes binge on foods you have restricted - Your body then goes into a panic thinking starvation might come again - Your body holds weight, and often more than the beginning - We go back on a diet - Start the whole process again.

Sound familiar? Don't worry you are not alone. In fact I see this on a daily basis in practice and I totally understand why. There is so much confusion and clutter out there not to mention all the social pressure to look a certain way. Is it any wonder?! 

1: Restricting calories. 

Is certainly not the way to go. When thinking about loosing weight we always jump straight to eating to much food. Yes this is of course relevant but not the whole problem. 

Calorie restriction puts a lot of pressure on our body, and bodily systems such as our metabolism and hormones. When we restrict calories our body begins to believe it's in starvation mode. After a short period of time the body begins to hold onto any food it recieves for energy. We often lose fat as well as muscle and your metabolism slows down. Repeating this process also causes long term damage which brings us into the next point.

2: Lifetime of dieting.

Weight loss followed by weight gain is not only a hard habit to break but it can begin to cause serious problems for your body and metabolism. Plus this is awfully stressful on the body and your mind which can also be a weight gain or loss contributor. 

3: Your over exercising.

I'm throwing this one in because often with the calorie restriction comes over exercising. Meaning we are burning more calories in our day which often leads to a completely empty tank. Again by over exercising we are not only putting our already stressed body into more stress but we are pushing our body to go into starvation mode for survival. 


Lucky for you guys I have a solution. Come September I will be running the Your Natural Weight program again. Yep for once and for all you can achieve your natural body weight and feel amazing. Best part is everyone loves the food and it definitely isn't considered dieting, it's simply educating you to eat right for your body type. Click the link below to secure your spot today. 

S xx