My Current Morning Routine

Besides the question  of "what do I eat in a day?" the next most commonly asked questions I get asked is "what does my morning and night routine like?". So I thought I'd break them down for you, starting with exactly how I start my day.

I am such a routined and structured human, so this routine honestly doesn't change much from week days to weekends except I might have a little sleep in. I think forming healthy routines is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Motivation will only take you so far, in my opinion it is the habits that make it a lifestyle. 

5:15am Alarm goes off:

1. I do a quick 5 minute body scan meditation. This is something my mum has taught me to implement into my morning routine recently before I get up. I then finish by setting my intentions for my day.

2. I always get straight up or start my meditation without hitting that oh so tempting snooze button. Coming into Winter this is always hard. One trick I use is our heater is scheduled to turn on just before we wake up, so the chill is taken off the air - making it a whole lot easier.

3. I walk straight into the bathroom and whack a tsp of coconut oil in my mouth and start swishing it around. I have been oil pulling on and off for several years now. It is a a traditional Ayurvedic practice (which more and more are resinating with me) and is used to pull toxins from the body. Resulting in whiter teeth, kills bad breath, strengthens gums, prevents cavities - and there just the benefits for the mouth, the list goes on.

I do this for about 10min, more if I have time. 

4. While I am swishing the oil around in my mouth I head to kitchen and boil the kettle to make my warm lemon water. On the mornings Mac is up super earlier he will make me my lemon water before work, I LOVE THIS but unfortunately it can't happen every day lol. So I spit out my oil and start on my water. I drink one litre of lemon water first thing and will squeeze 1 or 2 lemons in. 

5. While I'm sipping away on my lemon water I am getting dressed and ready for crossfit, the gym or to take Kev for a walk. 

6. I have something small to eat before I workout. This will range from an apple to an apple with peanut butter, a bliss ball or at the moment my favourite apple and zucchini loaf. Recipe here. What I eat here depends on what I am going to be doing and the intensity of the workout. But I am looking for a fast burning carbohydrate to wake up my metabolism and be burnt off quick.

6am: I TRAIN

As I sit here writing this, I am have to have a little giggle. Some people will seriously read this and just think WHAT THE HELL SHELLEY THIS IS A LOT? Hahaha and that's ok, remember I am a routined person and not everyone is. Plus I am a morning person which also helps. Mac will tell you I am up and about in the mornings and full of beans. Even if you start your day with a 250ml of lemon water that is a perfect habit to get into. This is just giving you some ideas of what I do. 

7am: I get home and normally turn straight back around to take my puppy Kevin for a walk along the beach. While I am walking him I listen to a podcast normally health or business orientated to get me focused for my day. 

7:45am: I have my breakfast. Something from my recipe collection here - normally eggs or some sort of porridge.

8am: I am in my office and getting into the swing of my day.

  • I normally start my day studying. I am a very productive person and am switched on in the mornings so need to use my brain power wisely. 
  • My phone goes on flight mode and I set 3hr blocks of work time. 
  • Some mornings however I am just not feeling it and need to be doing something more creative so Freedom Spices and Freedom Wellness become my focus.

So that is basically how the first few hours of my day looks almost every day. The only difference will be if it is a weekend day I might sleep in until about 7am or if I don't feel like training I will listen to my body and get moving and straight into work at 5 or 6am. 

If you need help setting some routines and fine tuning your health click here to work with my one on one in practise or online.

S xx