Getting Back on Track After the Holidays!

Getting Back on Track After the Holidays!

After a stunning long weekend spent away with friends its safe to say Mac and I are looking forward to a home cooked meal. Can you relate to this after eating out every meal, normally foods you wouldn't eat at home and often paired with a sneaky cocktail or two?

Here are our plans this week to get back on track and feel amazing:

  1. As soon as we land we went straight to the supermarket and did a little food shop. Stock your fridge with a load of fruits and vegetables and even some coconut water to replenish the electrolytes. 
  2. I always travel with a greens or 'super food' powder and continue taking this for at least a week after I get home. Often when we are away I never quiet get in as many greens as I would eat when I am at home so I find this really helpful to top up those much needed nutrients. 
  3. Green smoothie, green smoothie, green smoothie. Obviously we will be drinking a lot of green smoothies this week. Again this is the best way to stock up those greens and get my supplements in.
  4. I am having a meat free week. Although I love meat, it is definitely slower to digest and this week all I want is quick digesting foods.
  5. I always start my day with lemon water but after a weekend away I will often put a touch of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper in. This will help speed up my digestion and get this firing.
  6. Lastly it is so important to get back into your routine, especially when it comes to movement. Exercise daily even if it's just stretching or a brisk walk.

Good luck getting back on track and remember if you need extra assistance you can click here to work one on one with me. 

S xx