Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service

Being in the kitchen is my happy place, it is when my creative juices flow and nourishing meals are created and sometimes disasters. But this year has already been off to a very hectic but amazing start with selling and moving homes, starting uni again and FW ramping up. 

Macs job requires a lot of his focus, dedication and time which means although he loves cooking, in the past he hasn't been home early enough to do so. And with my hours, I am in practise late 3 nights per week. So on those nights we decided to see how Hello Fresh would work for us. The deal was on those three nights Mac was to leave work early and he would cook. Each night I have walked in the door to music playing and Mac in the kitchen having fun cooking up a storm, it has been heavenly.

So far so good....

  1. Hello Fresh is a meal delivery subscription, which you can stop at anytime.
  2. The meals are delivered to our door every Sunday afternoon. You can pick a day that suits you best. 
  3. Each meal comes in it's own paper bag. You simply pull the bag out of the fridge when needed, match the colour with your recipe card and start cooking. 
  4. We have so far found the ingredients to be very fresh and we love that there is ZERO waste. Throwing out food is a crime in my eyes.
  5. The meals take anywhere between 20 - 40 mins to make, and are VERY simple. So even if you don't consider yourself a good cook, you will nail this.
  6. You will not expect the same meal weekly. There is a lot of variety from week to week which means you are getting amazing health benefits by eating different plants and protein sources.
  7. The portion sizes are very generous. Be careful not to over eat just because it is there.
  8. We have chosen the 'naturally gluten free' option to be delivered. There is also vegetarian available if needed.
  9. It's very affordable. Each meal costs us about $12 per head, so much cheaper than going out.

The only down fall...

Haha well for me anyway, I'm not great at following recipes. All the recipes I create on FW are generally my adapted version of an unhealthy recipe and created as I go. So for me following a recipe is a challenge. Last night Mac got home half way through me cooking a Hello Fresh meal and had to take over because I had strayed from the recipe card and mucked a few things up haha. It still tasted good though.

So all in all Mac and I would highly recommend this service. It really is perfect for anyone who is time poor, not so great in the kitchen or has lost their passion for food. 

Give it a go and let me know your thoughts below. 


S xx

P.S this is not a sponsored post. I simply love this service and wanted to share our experience so far.