Foodie Guide: Changgu, Bali

My love for Changgu is real!

If you are looking for a chilled out beach vibe then look no further than Changgu. It is the place for surfing all morning followed by the afternoon spent in a beach club, and a whole lot of good food where ever you go. Especially these places below.

Enjoy this heavenly place.

S xx

Breakfast | Lunch

Motion Cafe:

Motion cafe is a fitness cafe and personal training studio. The menu is designed around achieving health goals, with fresh, tasty and very healthy food. The sweet potato waffles and homemade protein bars are delicious. This was definitely up there for one of our favourite cafes, and of course we are not alone so try to get in early so you are guaranteed a table.

Cafe Organic:

Chilli avocado eggs from The Avocado Factory

Chilli avocado eggs from The Avocado Factory

Vegetarian cafe situated in the main area of Canggu. Sit outside in hammocks listening to awesome music with an acai bowl. Or step inside to the air conditioned place and eat zucchini noodle bowls and more. This was another place we loved and easily could have eaten at every meal. But the life of a foodie blogger means trying new places haha so that’s exactly what we did. My recommendation is if you want to enjoy the hammock life here, get in before the heat really hits at about 11am.

In The Raw:

If you are on the hunt for beautiful fresh juices or super 'clean' food. Check these guys out. There beach garden styled cafe is a winner and the juices are phenomenal. We often stopped here to stock up on juices and smoothies to keep in our fridge back in our Villa.

Matcha Cafe Bali:

All things Matcha live here. If you are a Matcha fan, this is the place for you. Matcha, Matcha and more Matcha. Enjoy matcha pancakes, chia bowls, raw treats and cookies, lattes and heaps more. Literally everything is Matcha haha. Being the Matcha fan I am, I enjoyed scooting around here most mornings to pick up my Matcha latte before starting my day.

The Avocado Factory:

If I was allowed the option of one fruit or vegetable for the rest of my life it would hands down be avocado. Because it can be made into beautiful savoury dishes such as smashed avocado on toast or satisfy the sweet tooth with dishes like mousse or smoothies. This cafe does exactly that, they use avocado for the savoury and sweet and even have a matcha and avocado latte. Mac and I both had the chilli avocado eggs and they were amazing.

Give Cafe:

This cafe is the sister cafe to Kynd in Seminyak and you can tell (in a good way.) The cafe its self is adorable and very insta-friendly for all you gram lovers. It is a vegan cafe but the food is to die for. Even if you are traveling with a carnivore they will still be able to enjoy vegan cheeses and meats and barely know the difference.

Cafe Vida:

This place is always busy but the service is still amazing. The coffee is amazing, plus have any milk you want such as coconut or almond. While you are there the breakfast menu is stunning, and probably the best looking smoothie bowls I have ever seen. Honestly you have to try their smoothie bowls! 

Lunch | Dinner

The Slow:

This was a random cafe/ restaurant we stumbled across and were glad we did. Not only was it aesthetically pleasing but the food was divine. We started with amazing falafels and then as a main I ordered a Tuna Poke bowl and it was seriously one of the best poke bowls I have ever had, and the tuna was phenomenal. Mac had a fried chicken burger and also gave it a big thumbs up. I also tried my first Alben cider here. Alben cider is a locally brewed cider that is organic, preservative free and gluten free.


This was another restaurant we stumbled across whilst scooting past one night and were glad we did. It is a Mediterranean tappers styled menu. I actually can’t remember what we ordered but I do remember it being delicious and extremely satisfying.


Gypsy have a restaurant here in Changgu as well as Montreal only using locally sourced fresh produce. Their mission is simple here “buy fresh and local produce and turn it into a culinary experience you can't find elsewhere!” Famous Canadian chef Robin Filteau-Boucher is the main man in the kitchen and creates amazing food. We loved the vegetarian lasagna and sushi.

The Lawn:

Is a chilled out beach club with an infinity pool over looking the ocean. Go here to enjoy the sunset, cocktail and graze on some delicious food such as rice paper rolls, lettuce cups or lemongrass and turmeric chicken skewers. Followed by a beautiful dinner and cocktails including seafood paella, Thai beef salad, and cauliflower steak.

I hope you enjoy your travels and the places above as much as we did. Be sure to travel safe and responsibly and be in the present for every moment.

S xx