Because Sometimes we all Need a Reminder!

I posted this little series of photos last weekend on my Instagram stories and many of you commented and resinated, so today I thought I’d share over here on my blog so the reminder is always there.

Below is a flash back to my ‘comp days’. I absolutely loved this time in my life. What I achieved was something that I will always be proud of. Body building and competing is a sport, and it takes a lot of dedication and commitment. I take my hat off to any past, present or possibly future competitors.

Even though I was probably the fittest I had ever been here, I certainly wasn’t the happiest. I always thought that if I had the ‘perfect’ body I’d be happy, but it didn’t make me any happier. In order for me to look this way it required a lot of restriction in my life. My nutrition plan was very restricted and regimented and required a constant deficiency in calories. My training included a 60 + minute power walk daily followed by 45 minutes of weight training 4 - 5 times per week.


I still didn’t think I was good enough because of my mind. I had turned my body into a machine but still had all the same thought patterns as before. I hadn’t worked on the self love component of my journey which now looking back was the most important part.


I have written several blog posts on SELF LOVE and how I started to heal my mind. Click here for those.


I now believe no matter what our end goal is we should all be striving to achieve that in the healthiest, happiest and most positive way.

Below is me now. Today. Trying to live my best life. If a six pack is a bio product of this lifestyle than great, if not I’m more than happy with that because I know I am my best version when I am living this way!