What do your habits say about you?

What do your habits say about you?

Are your habits moving you forward or holding you back?

Do you:

  • Always go for food when sitting in front of the T.V?
  • Grab a beer as soon as Friday night comes?
  • Reach for a glass of wine or two with dinner each night?
  • Need a sweet treat at certain times of the day?
  • Skip breakfast because you are in a rush?
  • Drink coffee first thing in the morning without even thinking if your body wants it or not?
  • Stop a few reps short each exercise at the gym?
  • Snack whilst cooking dinner?

These dot points I have mentioned above are just examples of different habits that could be moving you forward or holding you back. 

In order to change you must create change and breaking old habits can be an essential part of continually moving forward to reaching your overall health and wellness goals. 

To break old habits:

  1. Ask yourself what are these habits are doing for you? Are they making you happy, stopping you from achieving your goals, or maybe you have just been doing them for so long you don't even know?
  2. If habits are hindering you, make a constant effort to recognise when you are doing it. You might pull your self up 50 times before you break the habit, and that is fine.
  3. If you have more than one habit that you recognise needs to be broken, only focus on one at a time.
  4. Make sure you have a long term goal and can clearly see the outcome for stopping each habit. "When I give up ...(habit)... I will feel ..... or I will achieve ......"
  5. Find enjoyment elsewhere and try to replace these habits. Eg: After dinner rather than watching t.v and eating, have a bath and read a book or go for a walk. Instead of alcohol at night, try kombucha. 

These habits will not be broken over night and it will take a minimum of 21 days to begin to break the habits. But set your mind and focus on it, recognise it and keep moving forward towards your health and wellness goals. 

S xx

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