‘You Beauty’ With Tiffiny Hall

It is such an honor to have one of my biggest role models on our inpso wall this week… Tiffiny Hall.

I still remember when I first became a Personal Trainer, I would watch Tiffiny on The Biggest Loser and get so much motivation and inspiration from her, with my own training and whilst training clients. Since then she has gone on to do incredible things, including release of her latest book ‘You Beauty.’ It has quickly become a personal favourite.

Get ready to get inspired with her interview below.


Tell us a little about your journey and who you are?

I’m an author of 9 books fiction and non fiction, wellness presenter on The Living Room Channel Ten, The Biggest Loser trainer, a 6th Dan black belt in Taekwondo (that’s as highly ranked as you can get for my age) and an absolute stationary tragic. 

What is your health and wellness philosophy?

I practice health and wellness like a martial art, it takes consistent practice every day. No one wakes up a black belt in health, it’s a journey of self discovery to earn that health halo. And hey, it does take a bit of discipline but everything worth it does.  I hate being sick and I don’t have time for it, so I make sure my health and wellbeing is concentric to disease prevention and increasing longevity.


What are your ‘non negotiables’ when it comes to your own health? 

I don’t count calories but nutrition. Everything that I eat has to boost immunity, be good for gut health and energy levels. I’m really mindful of gut health these days. The micro biome (trillions of bacteria living in your gut), or the zoo that lives in you governs every part of our wellbeing, from the clarity of skin to the clarity of our thinking, bloating, can contribute to weight gain, depression, anxiety, allergies, intolerances ect. I’ve experienced clients on a perfect eating plan and pedantic exercise regime but they still don’t lose weight because their gut health is out of balance. You carry 2kg of bacteria in your system at all times. If this is out of balance and you feed your bacteria food that irritates it, then you will never see results. Sugar, alcohol, gum feed bad bacteria which go straight to our brain to tell us to have more. Cravings set in. We eat more, bad bacteria is happy and the cycle continues causing bloating, inflammation, disease and low immunity. So a lot of what I do now is about healing the gut, finding the right balance between good and bad bacteria. 

Taekwondo is my sport. I train every day to feel strong in mind and body. Taekwondo is great for the abs, really working core strength, the butt and legs. It’s also a destresser and helps me to feel strong. It’s my active meditation. I’ve been training in Taekwondo and MMA for 20 years and I am the highest ranked female martial artist by the WTF for my age in Australia. 

Lots is said about food and exercise when it comes to health, but a big part of my health is filling up on goodness from my family, my husband, my friends and laughing heaps! Laughter is like inner jogging. It’s the best workout your endorphins can get! 

Through training your clients and being a Biggest Loser trainer you have had great success, what do you believe is the key ingredient when it comes to having someone having a successful exercise routine?

Goals, Fun and Results. I find being flexible in approach is really important. Everyone is unique with different needs. So I always make sure my clients, contestants, students are enjoying exercise no matter what it takes, that’s number one. I also break down their goals into tiny inch pebbles not milestones so they can feel proud of their results immediately and this then builds momentum. I strongly believe to make goals stick you have to write them down. Journal your food, exercise and importantly your feelings, because feelings are at the root of all movement and food choices. I call it EOL. Eat Out Loud. 

Can you tell us about your martial arts background and how you are using it in schools to empower and teach young kids about bullying and the effects?

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family of black belts. My father was an Olympic coach for Taekwondo and coached Lauren Burns to gold at the Sydney Games and my mother was one of the first girls to earn her black belt in Australia. Pretty cool, huh? So health and fitness was in my life, in my blood and it felt natural that I help others to feel their best too. I started Taekwondo at the age of 3. I was a junior black belt by 12 and I earned my 6th Dan black belt June 2016. Taekwondo was never about burning calories or exercise, it was a way of life, like a religion. It helped me to feel confident, resilient and strong. I also love training in an environment where girls and boys were equal, we wear the dobok (white marital arts uniform) and it’s not about what your body looks like but the awesome ways in which it functions. Martial arts is not about fighting, it is about building resilience. 

My focus has always been about making other people feel good, adding value and building confidence and resilience. Through University I taught kids self defence courses in schools and anti bullying courses and still do to this day. I wrote a series of kids books called The Roxy Ran series, all about kids dealing with bullies. I’ve always been driven to help kids to feel safe on the streets, at parties and in relationships, and encouraging kids to use their voice, to speak up when they are hurting and to not internalize hurt. It is very important to me to be a part of creating a culture where bulling is not cool. Kids need to be resilient, to have grit and to feel empowered. 

At FW we are big believers in self love and care. What do you do to practice these things and to look after yourself?

Me too! You have to love yourself on the way to health and wellness, you can’t hate yourself there. If you hate yourself into losing weight, for example telling yourself you’re fat or exercising out of punishment for enjoying a lovely dessert then you will never keep the weight off or learn to make consistent healthy choices. I’ve played the piano since I was a kid, so I love that to wind down, it’s “me time”, husband hangs are important – turning off the phone and being in the moment with him, laughter and friends and good food play a big part in weekends. Simple things every day like salt baths, stretching in the sun, gardening, oil pulling coconut oil, putting in fresh flowers, and visiting my herbalist every two weeks for a face detox massage that clears the sinus and works on moving bad bacteria and toxins through the body with botanical and holistic therapies. I love long walks listening to motivational podcasts and cooking a mean gluten free fructose free lactose free lasagna with roo mince that couldn’t be more delicious or nutritious! 

This is one of my favourite questions, because I think it shows that we are all different and there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to nutrition… What does a typical day look like on your plate?


  • Glass of water with lemon, dash of Apple Cider Vinegar, drops of sinus detox with probiotic. 
  • Black coffee
  • Egg white veg omelette, maybe a grapefruit too. Or warm winter porridge with berries, flaxseed oil, chia seeds and coconut flakes.

Not a big snacker. I find that if you eat the proper macros at breakfast lunch and dinner you don’t need to constantly snack. And snack foods are never really that nutritious so if I am hungry at snack time I’ll always opt for a mini meal like a chicken salad or some boiled eggs.

  • Whizz up a Salad Glass (recipe in my latest book You Beauty!) to take to work.


Kangaroo fillet (less than 2% fat and full of iron. No antibiotics or hormones because of the way roo is harvested. The cleanest meat you can eat!) I’ll have diced roo with salad and take to work.


Most always white fish: sword fish, snapper, orange roughy or tuna. With lots of green veg (all low fructose) zucchini, spinach, kale, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, sweet potato maybe a side of lentils.


  • Pack snacks for the day: punnets of cherry tomatoes, strawberries, nuts, pre-made bliss balls, home made salads. (There’s awesome snackspiration on my webstie www.youbeautytiffhall.com and in my new book You Beauty!

We believe that how you spend the first 80 minutes of your day sets up how the rest of your day will flow. Tell us about your ideal way to spend the first 80 minutes of your day?

I couldn’t agree more babe!

My day is always the same. I love a habit. Motivation will only get you so far, but healthy habits keep you going. Here’s my morning ritual:

  • Rise and shine at 5am
  • Glass of water with lemon, dash of Apple Cider Vinegar, drops of sinus detox with probiotic. This is the first thing I have when I wake up. The ACV is great for digestion and balancing PH levels in the body and setting up your gut for the day. 
  • Then workout (10km run or taekwondo) or strength and conditioning at the gym. Depends on how I’m feeling and the weather because I prefer to run outside. I workout for 30-60 minutes depending on the day’s schedule.
  • Power stretch for 20 minutes and foam rolling.
  • Wash hair – I exfoliate my scalp, then cleanse and moisturise my locks. I’m a bit crazy about my hair and love washing it every day. I have a hair routine similar to a skin routine that I stick to religiously. Love a bit of hair perfume too. Don’t put real perfume in your hair though, the alcohol will damage your strands. 
  • Once hair is washed I feel ready for the day, meetings, filming, media, writing whatever I have on.
  • Long black coffee and breakfast. Boom! Day started.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

What you think about, you bring about. The things we feed thrive. The things we starve die. 

Where can our FW family find you?

INSTA: I’m on Instagram @tiffinyhallofficial. 

TRAINING: If you want to try Taekwondo with me visit www.gohalls.com.au

WEBSITE: www.tiffinyhall.com.au with all my latest books and blogs

FREE STUFF: Free recipes from my latest health book You Beauty! My faourite recipe at the moment are my blueberry bliss balls that I cook up in bulk for the week, freeze and they’re good to go to combat any snack attack during the week. The recipe is on my You Beauty website http://www.youbeautytiffhall.com/


I hope you have enojoyed another inspirational interview with the one and only Tiffiny Hall. Stay tuned next week for more inspiration.

S xx