Foodie Guide: Mexico – Tulum

Foodie Guide: Mexico – Tulum

The contrast from town to town or city to city in Mexico is mind blowing. Every place differs so much an has it’s own unique qualities. 

Tulum was our first stop in Mexico and boy was it an adventure getting here. After 4 days sailing around the Caribbean Sea in Belize we were dropped off at a place called Dangriga, located at the bottom of Belize. Mac and I had already looked up the bus timetable and were planning on catching a 4:30pm bus to Belize City, just in time to catch the 7:30pm bus from Belize City to cross the border into Mexico.

Arriving into Dangriga we were told it was New Years Day and buses weren’t running by the normal schedule. We were stuck, in a town with nothing more than a corner shop, a bus terminal and a river. A man approached us and said he was a taxi and would take us to Belize city for $150 USD. In a desperate moment we excepted and got in his ‘taxi’ for a 2hr car ride. Half way through our trip it occurred to me, that this man is not a taxi driver, we are in a beat up old car with a stranger, and I could trust him as far as I could throw him. Regardless we got to Belize City with 30 minutes to spare. 

Mac requested to go to the ATM as we needed to pay this man. 1st ATM didn’t except our cards. 2nd ATM didn’t except our cards and our driver was getting a little restless. 3rd ATM didn’t except our cards and a man threatened to rob Mac and everything he had. By the 4th ATM I was praying it would work otherwise I was not sure what would happened to us. With beads of sweat on his forehead, Mac entered his card and it worked…. PHEW!

Finally we bordered the coach bus to Tulum and made our way across the boarder and into Mexico. Arriving at Tulum we realised we hadn’t told our hotel we were arriving at 4:30am. So for 2 hours we sat on the streets of Tulum with all of our bags, waiting for our hotel reception to open. Finally it did and with no rooms available so early, we were offered a hammock were we passed out for several hours. WOW talk about an adventure. Anyone would think we never have traveled. Hahah (I can laugh about it now.)

Besides getting there, we loved it. Tulum is a small beach town bursting with cafes, restaurants, shops, street food, great music and an incredible beach. And I promise as long as you are not coming from Belize on New Years Day, you will have absolutely no trouble getting there! 🙂 

Diamante Cave- 

I had to add this place for anyone looking for accommodation in Tulum. Yep that was our hut and it was paradise. Mac and I stayed here for 3 nights and I couldn’t have felt more relaxed if we tried. Our days were spent laying in hammocks reading, on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, eating and drinking cocktails. Please treat yourself to this place, you will never experience anything quiet like it.


Canopia –

A mix bag of a menu, offers such variety and is great for a healthy breakfast or Thai for dinner. The breakfast menu consists of healthy muesli, vegan chia puddings, traditional Indian dishes, and salads organic eggs, organic coffee, kombucha, jucies and smoothies. And the Thai dinner menu is just as fresh and healthy. This place is beautiful, with an outdoor seating experience and located along the beach. 

Tulum Art Club – 

This place was the first cafe we went to in Tulum. It is located in the heart of the town and has such an amazing vibe. The staff are amazing, art is scattered over their walls and always great beats. In the outdoor area the chef cooks in front of you, and because I couldn’t help myself he would let me ask questions about their food and traditions and try new things like cactus as he cooked. If you are wanting a healthy breakfast this is a great place. I had the breakfast burritos and could have eaten them every day.



Babel Cafe –

Great for lunch or brunch. They got a little confused with my order of oatmeal and almond milk one day but besides that, they were quick to fix the mistake and always provided good service. Amazing traditional Mexican food as well as your choice of waffles with different toppings, smoothies, fresh juices, and eggs to your liking. 

Maya Yoga & Juice Bar –

Great for a light snack. This Yoga and Juice Bar is also a hostal, located in the heart of the town. Superfood smoothies and juices is what you will find here. We loved incorporating these into our diets while traveling. It assured we were getting a good amount of fruit and vegetables into our diet, plus it was nice to lay off the meat every now and again.

Raw Love – 

Raw Love is located along the beach in Tulum. Tree swings and hammocks are what you will sit on, Dream catchers hang from every tree, no shoes are required so dig your feet in the sand and sit back and relax as you nourish your mind, body and soul. Everything on the menu is gluten free and raw vegan. Head here for breakfast and enjoy one of many smoothie bowls on offer, acai bowls, healing shots and grab some raw treats for a little beach snack later that day.


Mateos Mexican Grill – 

We stumbled across this place for dinner one night when we were walking along the beach. It is a Mexican grill and very fresh and healthy. It is an outdoor dining experience. We shared the chicken kebab with salad, rice and beans as well as the chicken tacos with salsa and avocado. YUM YUM YUM! 

De Cielo – 

“Made in Heaven” is their slogo. Need I say more. So much love goes into this place and their food. Porridge with tropical fruits, bircher muesli, hot cakes topped with fruit, delicious smoothies packed full with smoothies, great coffee. Traditional Mexican, fresh seafood. You name it, you will get it and be satisfied. It is a very popular place so be sure to get in early or be happy for a little wait. I definitely think it’s worth it. (Check out the photo below, of the cafe)