Travel for your Soul!

Travel for your Soul!

After an amazing trip away it is time to get back into the grind of life, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited and inspired I am for this. 

It is amazing what travel can do for your soul. Leaving Australia in December I was feeling overwhelmed with life. I was experiencing stress (which I rarely do) and I was feeling uninspired in multiple areas of my life. Given I only have 3 months left until I’m a qualified Nutritionist, my uni load was and still is extremely full on with assessments and over 150 hours of clinic placement to complete.  I was trying to run and grow 3 businesses, organise our wedding, plan our honeymoon, along with trying to have some form of a social life. All in all I was feeling zapped from every direction!

The minute I hopped on the plane all of my stressors started to melt away. Funny how that happens.

We arrived to LA 20 hour’s later, ready for another amazing adventure together.


Three things I learned while travelling this trip:

Be so grateful for the life you live.

It’s amazing how travel puts your life into perspective. Gratitude is something I practice every single day, and have done for the past 2 years. I believe that living a grateful life is one of the keys to ultimate happiness, acceptance and love. Without gratitude we are missing moments in our life, we are taking things and people for granted and we are not living in the present moment because we are always thinking of the next thing.

Having traveled through LA, San Franscico and Mexico this trip. And seeing an abundance of people living on the streets in cardboard boxes, beggars on every corner asking for money and when they are declined wishing the person an amazing day anyway, or talking to people who have had a dream to travel their whole lives but never have had the money to. It makes me truly grateful for the life I live and it reminds me why I write my grateful down every single day.


(Camping on an island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea for the night.)

Switching off is beyond important:

As I mentioned before we went away, I felt like I was hanging on by a thread trying to keep up with life and so did Macca. Both of us were working, studying, working, studying, working and were feeling uninspired to do the things that normally would bring joy to our life such as catching up with friends, taking Kev for a swim down the beach, or for me spending time in the kitchen.

It had been 2 years since our last holiday to Vietnam where we probably took time out from life. We are often away for the weekends visiting our families or going on mini holidays but we never truly switch off from emails, social media, and everything else that can be a distraction in life. Coming back feeling refreshed and relaxed and having spent little time on my phone, I am making a commitment to myself to turn off every week for at least one full day.


(Days spent laying in hammocks, reading books, swimming and drinking cocktails in Tulum, Mexico.)

Have an open heart and mind:

It’s amazing what you can learn about yourself and others and the self-growth that can come when you have an open heart and mind.

In Belize we hopped on a sailing boat with 24 strangers and spent the following 4 days with them, day and night. Little of these people shared the same goals, hobbies or interests as me, but because I had an open heart and mind I was able to connect and have some amazing conversations with these people. I asked one man what he did for a living, he replied “I build space ships.” We then had the most amazing conversation about space and space ships (which I must admit I knew nothing about, but do now.) Who would have thought!


(Sailing the Caribbean Sea, our boat, and new buddies. These four days were so surreal and amazing.)

Until next time Free Birds…..

S xx