Getting Your Meditation Mojo Back

Getting Your Meditation Mojo Back

Over the last couple of months I had completely let my meditation practice slip away. It was one of those thing I kept saying to myself I’ll get back into it, today is the day but then it just wouldn’t happen. Given I teach people for a living about habits, priorities, and goals I knew I was just choosing to put other things first. I accepted this. I did not beat myself up about it. I did not rush the process. I knew it would come back to me and all flow again when the time was right. And that it did….

One day Mac and I were heading back to the country where we are from. I quickly ran into one of my favorite little gift shops to pick up a book for the 4 hour trip. I didn’t have a lot of time so just grabbed what stood out to me. The book was called “Spirit Junkie’ by Gabrielle Bernstein. I started reading it and was instantly hooked. For days every opportunity I had the book was in my hands. Gabby talks about life flow, our egos, self love, meditation, forgiveness, spirit, inner guidance, her personal journey and shares stories. I started wondering why did I pick up this book, out of all the books why this one? What was my inner guidance trying to tell me. As I continued reading, the book kept resonating with me in every area of my life, and I couldn’t wait to put what she was saying into practice. The urge to begin my meditation practice was back… 

Being back home that weekend was the perfect place for me to reconnect with my spiritual side and begin my practice. I always feel so lucky and happy when I return home to my parents home. I feel blessed for my parents and siblings, I have so many good memories of my childhood and my mum was the meditation teacher I needed. Mum meditates on a daily basis, so one morning we woke up and before our morning walk mum took me through a guided meditated with the sunrise. It wasn’t long, as I feel when starting out I personally need to begin small with 15 minute meditations and slowly build on that. But It was the perfect way to begin my practice. 

When I returned to Melbourne I then got onto Gabby’s website and bought some of her meditation series to keep my practice going smoothly, and I highly recommend them. Whether you are starting your practice of meditation or just need some extra guidance, Gabbys meditations are amazing and definitely a nice place to begin. She has several meditation series (click the link below,) so find the one that resonates with you and go for it. As my mum says “enjoy the inner peace.”

Good luck and comment below if you have any questions.

S xx