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Eat Yourself Beautiful with Lee Holmes

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Eat Yourself Beautiful with Lee Holmes

Lee Holmes is a lady of many, MANY talents. She is a nutritionist, wholefoods chef, yoga teacher and author of one of our favourite books- Eat Yourself Beautiful. We were lucky enough to have the chance to chat with Lee about life, her non-negotiables when it comes to health, getting kids in the kitchen and of course, her favourite food.


Tell us a little about your journey and who you are?


I became more interested in food and nutrition after having worked for a number of years in the music and television industries when I became unwell and was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease in 2006.

Because of my love of food, cooking and nutrition it led me to travel the world, discovering foods that could be healing in nature.  After altering my own diet to include plenty of nutrient-rich foods, my health dramatically improved. My mind was stimulated to create new recipes to share with others. This led to the creation of Supercharged Food. 


 What is your health and wellness philosophy?

There are a lot of fad and crash diets being promoted that result in yo-yo eating habits and just end up making things worse for your body in the long run.  Supercharged Food is about making realistic and small changes every day. It’s not about restriction it’s about abundance. 

How do you use food and nutrition to help clients create a healthy lifestyle?

I help clients through my books and programs.  My Heal Your Gut eCourse is a four-week gut healing protocol that has been received with outstanding success. It includes 24/7 nutritional support and guidance, meal plans, eBooks, plenty of resources and support, and was all inspired by my own health challenges and discoveries. I have also previously petitioned to improve food in hospitals across New South Wales. I challenged the NSW Minister for Health to himself live off hospital food for four days. While the minister did not participate, this challenged spurred the rolling out of a more health-centred menu across a range of hospitals. My eBook Supercharged Food for Kids was created to encourage healthy eating and overall health amongst the younger generation. Eat Yourself Beautiful, features simple juice, snack and meal recipes using nutrient-rich and anti-inflammatory everyday foods that promote longevity. In Eat Clean, Green and Vegetarian, I have focused on incorporating plenty of vegetables into easy-to-prepare healthy recipes. My blog, Supercharged Food is all about creating a realistic, healthy and holistic approach to nutrition and health. 

You create some amazing recipes, what would be your favourite go to meal?

I do love my healing and sealing soups, especially in winter. At the moment I can’t get enough of my Salmon Chowder, featured in my Heal Your Gut eBook.


What are your ‘non negotiables’ when it comes to your health?

No processed foods as these offer no nutritional benefits, and adopting a holistic approach to health by not focusing solely on nutrition, as there is far too much evidence surrounding the mind-body connection to ignore what’s going on upstairs.

How important is it to you to teach your daughter about health and food? What methods do you use to get her on board and excited about this?

I think getting kids involved in the food preparation process is very important. My kids love helping me in the kitchen, to create delicious easy meals. Not only are you teaching them about good nutrition but cooking together is also a great bonding experience.

What advice would you give to parents struggling to nourish their children. How do they begin?

Listen to your children – their likes, dislikes etc. One method I use to sneak veggies into their diet is by incorporating them into a range of sugar-free sweets, like my cauliflower and raspberry cheesecake, or in simple green smoothies. They won’t even realise they’re eating vegetables as they’re too focused on satisfying that sweet tooth! 

How do you spend the first 80 minutes of your day?

I like to wake up, have a warm glass of water with lemon and ginger or a herbal tea, do yoga or take my dog for a walk. Then I check my emails, and cook myself and my kids a hearty breakfast so that we’re ready to tackle a busy day ahead. 

What is your favourite quote?

The road to health is paved with good intestines!

Where can our Freedom Family find you?

I can be found on FacebookTwitterYoutubeLinkedIN and Instagram. They can also email me at 

My Heal Your Gut eCourse begins July 6th.

We hope you enjoyed another amazing story. See you back here next week for the next Inspirational story.

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