Aimee Marks Chats About TOM Organic

“When Dr Earle Haas created the first tampon for his ballerina wife in the 1930s, he gave women for generations to come the freedom of choice – the ability to live life, whatever the Time Of Month.  

The average woman uses more than 12,000 tampons in her lifetime so it’s reassuring to know that TOM’s range of feminine hygiene products are made using pure organic cotton; breathable and comfortable, TOM Offers reliable protection and peace of mind. Using TOM products ensures that one of the most delicate and absorbent areas of your body is only in contact with the finest organic cotton.” – TOM Organic.

Tell us a little about your journey and who you are?

My friends would probably tell you that I’ve always been “the tampon girl”, and it’s true. The foundations of TOM Organic go all the way back to high school. I’m 29 years old and for the last 13 years, I’ve been building a tampon company! A design student at heart, it started as a quest to change the way that tampons were packaged, mostly because I was frustrated with them always falling out in my handbag.

Instead of following the well-trodden path of getting experience working in big corporates, I made the decision to launch TOM Organic straight out of university after studying entrepreneurship at RMIT. It enabled me to launch TOM Organic into the business it is today.

In 2014, I became a mum for the first time and gave birth to two gorgeous twin girls who I’ve completely fallen in love with.

What is your health and wellness philosophy?

I’ve always had a reasonably healthy outlook on life, as I grew up in a very sporty athletic family so health was always in the forefront. But it really was a turning point for me, it can be quite confronting to discover what’s actually in your tampon, whether you’re into organics or not – it’s one of those products that you don’t really spend too much time thinking about, so for me it led to a whole new outlook on what I was putting into my body, not just the food, but the skincare and cleaning product the list is endless. I honestly believe that our bodies can only take so many chemicals – and every choice we make to reduce that load can only be a positive thing.

Why was TOM Organic born?

The inspiration for TOM Organic was first conceived when I was 18 and I was tired of tampons rolling around in my handbag. I started by redesigning the packaging as part of a high school assignment but as soon as I read the ingredients list I realised that conventional tampons were made from everything but organic cotton, containing ingredients like synthetics and pesticide sprayed cotton.

While many of us are busy reading the ingredients list on the foods we buy, few of us stop to think about what our tampons and pads are made of and most simply assume they’re made of cotton. Because these products come into direct contact with one of the most delicate, absorbent parts of our body, I felt a responsibility on behalf of Australian women to create a pure alternative that didn’t compromise on health or the environment.

Driven by this purpose, I made the decision to launch TOM Organic straight out of university. Within 18 months of completing my entrepreneurial business degree at RMIT, TOM Organic was born and is now available to all Australian women through health food stores, Coles and Woolworths in every inch of the country – it was all about creating high health impact through simple everyday purchases.

How is TOMs different to other hygiene products and brands on the market?

TOM Organic is so much more than a female personal care brand. Our mission is to empower women to live healthier, more fulfilled lives – through buying and living more consciously. Empowering women to read ingredient lists and question the brands they may have previously trusted, just because they are big. We seek to inspire conscious living, so women are empowered to make their own informed decisions and talk openly about their needs and their health.

We use our intuition and gather insights from our community of women across the world to identify their needs. We carefully translate these needs into innovative, essential products that make sense for female health and well-being.

Ensuring that nothing but pure organic cotton is in contact with the body, TOM Organic products are the ultimate in pure performance. Using organic cotton ensures we are keeping synthetic pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified materials out of the air, water and soil.


In a woman’s lifetime, we use approximately 12,000 tampons. What are some of the risks for women?

Most tampons are made from a blend of processed synthetics such as rayon and polyethylene as well as cotton. Conventional cotton is one of the most heavily pesticide sprayed crops on the planet, using more than 25% of the world’s total insecticides.

At TOM Organic on the other hand, our products are made from certified, organic cotton, grown and harvested free from pesticides. This means that only 100% certified organic cotton is coming in contact with one of the most sensitive, absorbent parts of the body.

When you think about the fact that most women use over 12,000 tampons in a lifetime, that’s 12,000 reasons why a certified organic, option for Australian women is a must!

What are your ‘non negotiables’ when it comes to your health and wellness?

It really is all about being conscious of what I am putting in contact with my body, from the food I eat, to cream I use on my skin, and of course tampons! Choosing chemical free has become a no-brainer to me.

I buy local and seasonal organic fruit and vegetables wherever possible. It’s important to know where our food is coming from and that it’s contributing to sustainability.

And finding a work life balance, spending time with your family, eating green food, laughing lots, living with passion, loving your work, making conscious buying choices are all “non-negotiables” for me.


We believe that how you spend the first 80 minutes of your day sets up how the rest of your day will flow. Tell us about your ideal way to spend the first 80 minutes of your day?

Firstly, there is nothing that makes me feel better than exercising. Even if it’s just 30 minutes first thing in the morning, it makes all the difference to me.

And I love to sit outside in the sunshine and have breakfast on my own to clear my mind and start the day. Food powers my day, getting a good healthy start is essential. I find that I am so much more productive when I have this transition in the morning from being a Mum and getting my head into work mode.


What is the single best thing you believe someone should do to get their health and wellness journey started?

Find the balance and don’t try to eliminate everything at once – start with something that’s easy to change (like your tampon brand!), start reading the ingredients on everything you buy and know that every choice you make is a vote with your dollar.


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I hope you have enjoyed another inspirational interview with Aimee. Stay tuned for another great interview next Sunday.

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