How To Be Kind & Love Yourself

LOVE YOURSELF & BE KIND TO YOURSELF is a message we often share as Wellness Coaches.

We can help guide you towards achieve this, but these feelings are something that must resonate from within and you must work towards achieving on your own every day. When you have mastered these skills, the feelings of love, acceptance and believe you have in yourself will far outweigh the negative. We believe that learning how to do this is one of the fundamental stages of your wellness journey, no matter where you may be on your journey. It took me a long time to realize that loving myself was the missing piece to my puzzle.

As some of you already know when I was 24 years old I began my wellness journey and I chose to make some big changes in my life at this point. I decided to dive into the world of fitness modeling, I gave up alcohol, I changed my diet drastically, Mac and I bought a house on the beach away from Melbourne’s hustle and bustle (getting back in touch with our inner country kid,) I lost a lot of friends and also made the choice to part ways with some people in my life that I felt dragged me down and created stress in my life. Then there was the drastic physical changes my body went through having competing. I went from having no 6 pack, to a 6 pack, to being too lean, to what I call my ‘fighting’ or healthy weight. But through all of these stages I never looked at myself and felt truly happy. At one point I remember thinking maybe if I had a six pack my life would be complete, so I got a six pack and sure enough it wasn’t the answer. Vain I know, but it was true. One year after competing and still not happy with my body or with myself, I thought something had to change. I came to the realization that I am in full control of how I act, how I respond to certain situations, what I put in my body, how often or how hard I train. It is all me and until I learnt to be kind to myself, love myself, and accept myself for who I was and where I was on my journey nothing was ever going to change.

Making the decision to fall in love with myself was the best decision I ever made. I can now proudly say I love who I am (inside and out,) what I do, and I have truly found my purpose in life.

Here are some simple things I started to do and still continue to do daily:

  • Every morning I start my day with 5 things I am truly grateful for in my life.
  • I also look in the mirror every morning and say 5 things I love about myself. This could be as little or as big as you want it. When I first started doing this it was hard and I struggled to come up with 5 loves, the key is to just keep at it. For example:
  • I LOVE my laugh
  • I LOVE my hands
  • I LOVE my arms
  • I LOVE my drive
  • I choose to take responsibility for my actions. The moment I realized I can be my bets or worst enemy was when it all changed. Remember you can use all the excuses under the sun but you are the final one that makes the decision to wake up and train while the world sleeps, or but that piece of chocolate in your mouth, or complain about your job. It is all you. Start taking responsibility.
  • Learn that this is your journey and no one else’s. It is so easy to get caught up in what your best friend is doing, or competing with the person beside you at bootcamp, or comparing what that person is eating with what you are, or how much better results that person is getting over you. It doesn’t matter. You are different to every single person on this planet therefor you can expect a different result to every single person on this planet and that my friends is an AWESOME thing. Be unique and embrace it.

Good luck Free Birds and comment below any other tips you have for falling in love with yourself.

S xx