Live Love Nourish with Casey-Lee Lyons

This week we are chatting to Casey-Lee Lyons from Live Love Nourish. 

Casey Lee is a Nutritionist and Naturopath and has over 12 years experience in the health and wellness world so she is the perfect person to get inspired with.

Casey is a real food ambassador and takes a holistic approach to health and believes that nourishing your body begins with a healthy relationship with yourself and I couldn’t agree more.

Get inspired with her full interview below.

Tell us a little about your journey and who you are?

Hi! I’m Casey-Lee Lyons, a qualified Nutritionist and Naturopath from Brisbane, Queensland. I am the founder of the online health and wellness website Live Love Nourish that shares inspiration to nourish your body and specialises in heathy recipes free from gluten, dairy and sugar. I have also created the Live Love Nourish 8 week e-program designed to nourish your body from the inside out.

I am most passionate about inspiring true wellbeing and I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to share my passion and philosophy with you here.

I am a big believer in the power of loving your body and learning to listen to its innate wisdom. I don’t believe in dieting, restrictive calories or fads but instead believe in listening to your own body and nourishing from the inside out with real food that loves you back.

Food and health have always been a very keen interest of mine, as is the way food can influence our state of being. I have always loved learning how foods can promote wellbeing hence my passion for health, wellness and nutrition today.

My love of developing healthy recipes can really be traced back to when I was very young. In primary school I would love reading cookbooks, when most other kids were into story books, and you would often find me baking after school (blueberry muffins were my speciality) and tearing out recipes from magazines. In fact the kitchen is one of my favourite places to be. You could call it my happy place.

I believe that everybody deserves to feel truly well, and it is wonderful to know that I can be a part of other people’s journeys towards feeling their best and healthiest selves and inspire others to love and nourish their body.

What is your health and wellness philosophy?

I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness that involves nourishing all of you hence the philosophy behind my business is to, “live the real you, love truly and deeply and nourish from the inside out”.

Confidently being who you are, loving yourself and others truly, and nourishing your body from the inside out with real food are my keys to enjoying true vitality, wellness and an abundance of joy in your life.

Health and wellness really comes back to our relationship with ourselves. When we accept, love and respect our body it has an amazing influence on the choices we make that can then influence our wellbeing.

When it comes to food I encourage you to listen to your own body and choose foods that love your body back; real foods that are fresh, natural and provide an abundance of nutritional value.

I believe we need to start looking within and listening to our inner-wisdom to develop a relationship with ourselves that respects and honours our body. This is something I am most enthusiastic about where my approach to food is one that starts with loving your body enough to nourish it with foods that promote vitality and allow you to feel your best.

My approach also embraces the positive influence of learning to accept your body, loving who you are and letting go and trusting your own body. Over the 12 years I have spent in the health, fitness and wellness industries I have found that when self-love becomes your motivation to eat well and look after yourself you no longer need to worry about dieting, restrictive eating or food stress and instead you begin to establish a relationship with food that is positive, inspiring and truly nourishes your body.

What are your non negotiables when it comes to your own health and wellbeing?  

I live refined sugar free and believe in the positive benefits it has on your health including more energy, no 3pm slumps, glowing skin and feeling great in your body, to name just a few.

Another non-negotiable for me is listening to my own body. To know if something is right for me or not I turn inwards and tune in to my body. I find this approach to food really empowering.

You create some incredible, droolworthy recipes on Live Love Nourish. What would be your favourite or go to recipe?

 Thank you so much! Developing recipes is my favourite part of my job. My favourite go-to recipe at the moment would have to be a bowl of nourishing greens made by sautéing kale, broccoli and zucchini noodles in garlic with either pan fried salmon or eggs and served with avocado, a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds and an extra drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. It really is so simple and so delicious! Oh, and I love a good, wholesome banana bread!

This is one of my favourite questions, because I think it shows that we are all different and there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to nutrition. What does a typical day look like on your plate? 

I love this question! My daily diet can change quite a bit depending on how I feel, the type of day I have ahead or what my body is craving for but at the moment a typical day consists of scrambled eggs with turmeric and greens with avocado for breakfast, a gigantic leafy salad for lunch with more avocado, leftover protein and roast vegetables dressed with a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil and with chopped walnuts for crunch factor and for dinner you’ll likely find me enjoying crispy skin salmon or barramundi with roasted broccoli, fennel and pumpkin (some of my favourite veggies at the moment).

Tell us a little about the amazing hub you have created Live Love Nourish?

I really wanted a place where I could share my philosophy and my love of developing nutritious recipes so I created the Live Love Nourish website to inspire others to love and nourish their body. There are lots of free recipes (all made with whole foods and free from gluten, dairy and sugar) that followers can enjoy (with new recipes being uploaded regularly) as well as the opportunity for members to join my 8 week online program that includes 8 weeks of nutritious meal plans, over 120 delicious and healthy recipes, support to develop a positive relationship with your body and more.

Being sensitive to gluten and dairy myself,  I enjoy designing recipes to support those following a clean-eating or gluten free, dairy free and sugar free lifestyle. You will find my latest recipes on the website with lots of behind the scenes on Instagram too.

I feel that food and health should be kept real, simple and fun and I hope others feel inspired by my writing, recipes and posts to live their best and healthiest self.

There is lots more to come from Live Love Nourish so keep your eye out!

I believe that how you spend the first 80 minutes of your day sets up how the rest of your day will flow. Tell us about your ideal way to spend the first 80 minutes of your day?

I absolutely agree! The first part of my day starts with attending to my early-rising 1 year old followed by a walk when the sun comes up and a healthy breakfast to fuel our day. I try to leave emails, social media and work until later in the morning and use the beginning part of the day to do “me” first which actually gives me the best motivation to take on the day.

What is your favourite way to move your body? 

Moving everyday in some way is a part of my daily ritual, whether it be as simple as a a walk or a relaxing stretching session or gentle strength training. My favourite would have to be an up-beat power-walk with the sun on my skin, breeze in my hair and bub coming along for the ride.

Do you have any parting advice for readers who may be starting their own health and wellness journey?

Listen to your body! Your body is constantly communicating to you and by tuning in and listening to it you empower yourself with tools that help guide you in finding what works best for you. Honour what you feel, choose foods that love your body and don’t compromise on feeling your best!

Where can our FW family find you?

I would love for the FW family to come and join in on the nourishing fun over at my website or you can follow me on Instagram (livelovenourishaus) and Facebook (livelovenourish). Hope to see you there!

I hope you have enjoyed another inspirational interview with Casey-Lee Lyon from live Love Nourish. Stay tuned for next Sunday to be inspired all over again.

S xx