9 Things I Learnt About my Health in 2017

9 Things I Learnt About my Health in 2017

My health has been a rollercoaster ride this year, but of course nothing goes unlearnt.

I had a lot of stress good and bad (although I didn’t recognise it as stress at all) earlier in the year. We started our year traveling overseas, came home got married, I completed my studies, and brought FW to life, all in the first half of 2017. Needless to say life caught up to me, and my body had a MASSIVE meltdown. I experienced thyroid issues and symptoms pair with chronic fatigue.

So here are some of my key takeaways. Remember we are all individual, but I hope this helps you in some way as you sit and reflect on your past year of health.

1. Stress is the biggest trigger.

Had you asked me if I was stressed throughout the year? I would have replied no! For so long I was comparing myself to others and how they dealt with a high amount of stress in their lives, thinking my stuff is nothing compared to that. Although I handle stress quiet well, it’s still stress, and my body feels it. Boy does it feel it. This year has shown me, that my body has a very low tolerance to stress.

2. The body will always find its way back to health.

Our bodies are very intelligent and have an amazing capability of healing. There is a time and place for pharmaceutical drugs, but in my situation I was lucky enough to trust the process and my body and sure enough, it found its way back eventually. Our bodies know how to heal, when we treat them right.

3. Cardio is essential for my well-being.

I used to be a runner. I loved it. You would find me hitting the pavement most days as a teenager and into my early adult years. However when I started bodybuilding, I was programmed to do zero cardio and just lift weights. Due to this I lost my passion for running and found a new one in weight lifting. Which was fine until…

I recently did a VLA body scan at my practice and it turns out I had more visceral fat around my organs then I needed. After seeing these results, I hit the cardio twice a week and found that love I once had for it. It is not only great for my health but amazing for the brain too. Plus it is something Mac and I have started doing together again.

4. Sleep is crucial

It hasn’t been uncommon for me to spend days in bed at a time this year. In fact, I was still at this point only months ago. However since overcoming the chronic fatigue to an extent, my body still needs more sleep than I used to give it. I run and recover really well on 10 hours sleep a night. So guess what… that’s what I give it! It is important to know your optimal amount of sleep. For some it will be 5 hrs and others 12hrs and that is fine.

5, Experimenting is key.

We are all individual humans, so what works for me might not for you, and that’s ok. I have found experimenting to be key for me this year. I have constantly trialed foods, supplements, training regimes, sleep patterns, etc to work out what is best for me. I am still working out what is best suited for me, but I know I am on the right path.

6. I’m a meat eater.

I’m an O type blood which means my body loves meat and a more Paleo based diet. Having played around with this many times, I can now honestly say that my body needs a high amount of protein each day to help me function at my best.

7.. Listen, listen and listen.

Listening to what your body wants will seriously go a long way. The more we push and resist against what the body is telling us, the worst things will become. Having this ability is a massive strength and advantage. Tune in all the time and be amazed.

8. There is a time and place for supplements.

Supplementing well has no doubt had an impact on my day to life and helping me overcome these health concerns. I believe if we eat well and live a good life, supplements are not always needed. But I would 100% recommend them at times of need, and for me I now use them as precaution and maintenance.

If supplements is something you are wanting to use, I would recommend seeking advice from your practitioner as to what is best suited to you.

9. My health is truly my number one value in my life.

2017 has truly put this into perspective for me. When my health was at an all time low, I was no use to anyone. I spent my days in bed, and poor Mac would be housebound waiting on me and being an amazing and loving husband that he is. Our quality of life was non existent, as was my health. When I am healthy, I can support, love and play with those around me. I will always put my health and what is best for it first.


So there it is, my health and learnings in a nut shell. If you have had any health concerns or problems and you would like to work through them using food as medicine. Click here.

S xx