How to Meal Prep Like a Boss!

How to Meal Prep Like a Boss!

Meal prepping is not just a term used in the body building world. It is a term everyone should be using if they want long term health success. 

In my experience both professionally with my clients and personally, preparation is key. There is always going to be excuses, things popping up and getting in the way. And you will always think there is a better time to begin your journey than now. However the reality is if you want long term health and wellness success, you need to find a way to balance life and all that it throws at you and your health. A big part of that starts with being prepared. 

How I tackle it:

  1. Without fail EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY you will find me at the gym at 6am, followed by the Farmers Market at 7am. It's my routine, it's what I do, and it's when I buy all of our fruit, vegetables and eggs for the week. 
  2. Mac and I then spend time on Saturday or Sunday morning preparing what our menus will look like for the whole week. This is essential, especially because both of our menus are different. Like all of you we have busy lives so this part is key. 
  3. Sunday afternoon we take a trip to our Butcher, buy our meat and pick up any fruits and vegetables we may be missing from a local fruit and vegetable store or the supermarket.
  4. We then spend about 2hrs in the kitchen Sunday afternoon TOGETHER cooking for the week ahead and dinner that night.


  1. Our Sunday night meal is always something that can be divided and frozen, or Mac will eat for days to come. i.e. Spaghetti Bolognese. 
  2. I will often recook another batch of vegetables on a Wednesday after I have been to the market. These are all then stored in individual containers.
  3. We always have grilled chicken in our fridge. It makes for the perfect snack. 
  4. We both drink smoothies daily. So we cut all the ingredients up, put them in zip lock bags and freeze them. Then all you have to do each day is add water and blend.
  5. Mac works very long hours and I we are both not home until after 7pm most nights so having dinner ready is essential. Some mornings I will make this as I get ready for work, but more often than not it will be something simple during the week like meat and vegetables. The vegetables will always be cooked and ready. So it is just the steak or meat that needs to be cooked.

For us health is our number one priority. Mac and I both know that if we are not looking after ourselves first, then we are not as good at looking after the other or anyone else for that matter. Don't be scared to put your needs first, especially if it is going to benefit all of those around you.  

If you head over to my Instagram stories today I am going to video and show you what my meal prepping looks like.  Freedom Wellness Instagram.

S xx