Foodie Guide: Seminyak Bali

When Mac and I travel we always plan our day around cafes and restaurants we want to eat at. This sounds strange to most people but we are foodies, and good food is important to us. Plus it seems to work well.

So once again we have gone on the hunt for amazing, fresh, flavoursome and healthy places for you to eat at when visiting Bali. 

We stayed in Seminyak so majority of he places are situated around this area. I really hope you find these places as delicious as we did.

S xx

Morning / Lunch:


Sisterfields smashed avo

Sisterfields smashed avo

Sisterfields was one of the first places we went when hoping off the plane. It definitely has a Melbourne or Sydney inspired feel with a very funky interior, and has a delicious western menu to choose from. The food was great, very fresh and healthy. I ate an asian chicken salad and the flavours were just incredible. Mac ate the smashed avo with poached eggs and was a raving fan.

Sea Circus:

The outside decor of Sea Circus saying it all. It is bright and colourful, full of happiness and love, just like every meal they serve. The smoothie bowls are delicious, and the lunch menu is amazing. And this is still one of our favourite places in Seminyak. We ate here twice on the first trip and had to stop ourselves from eating here more than once on the second trip to Seminyak.

Coffe Cartel: 

Every time we visit Seminyak, Coffee Cartel is on our food itinerary for breakfast or lunch. We have eaten here several times and like their coffee, the food has never disappointed. The staff are friendly and accommodating and the chef… well he is a wizard. I highly recommend eating here the smashed avocado is always a winner, the eggs are always cooked to perfection and the smoothie bowls are incredibly flavoursome.

Earth Cafe:

If you are looking for a cafe with healthy smoothies and food, take away meals, delicious and healthy snacks to pack for your days adventures, raw treats for dessert or a health food store this is your place. These Earth cafes are located in several places in Bali and are always a go to for us. We usually finish the night off with raw treats from Earth and load up on healthy snacks for the day.

Shelter + Nalu Bowls

This place is all the rage over here. It is a smoothie bar down below and a cafe upstairs. If you eat here make sure it is either for a late brunch or anytime after. We made the mistake of going here for breakfast. The place was packed, but as we ordered they did not have a lot on the menu because it hadn't arrived yet. They had no power so juices, smoothies and coffee were off the menu and many dairy free options were also not available.


My sister recommended this cafe after telling us it was her favourite place in Seminyak. So of course we had to check it out. This vegan cafe, has a such a bright happy feel to it and the food. ABSOLUTELY NEXT LEVEL. After tossing up between 3 options I finally ordered the tofu chilli scramble and it was one of the best meals I have eaten. Mac claims the smoothies were the best he had all trip, and his waffles (pictured below) were divine. This cafe my friends is a must.

Lunch / Dinner:

Motel Mexicano:

Motel Mexicano is possibly the most incredible place we have ever been to. A quiet street front, but the minute you walk through the doors it is like you have walked into another dimension. The food is amazing, the cocktails are great and the atmosphere is out of this world. 

Aya Street:

This place was delicious and the presentation was on point. The menu has street food options ranging from tacos, guacamole, chicken wontons, calamari or something from the raw bar. I can never go past the classic ceviche. This place is perfect if there is a large group of people or you are just enjoying a dinner for two.

Saigon Street:

After leaving Aya Street one night, we stumbled across Saigon Street, it was amazingly busy and the smells coming out from the place left us wanting to taste. The next night we were booked in (bookings essential for dinner) and were ready to experience their take on Vietnamese food. Honestly it was amazing. We went on to book my parents in for dinner the following night and they ended up visiting Saigon Street 3 times on their trip, claiming it was their favourite restaurant. We personally enjoyed side dishes to share.

Mama San:

On the last night of each holiday we always book into a restaurant a little flashier and wine and dine ourselves. This visit it was Mama San, however the food wasn’t all that more expensive. Everything about Mama San was incredible from the food, the cocktails and the decor. Again this is a restaurant you will need to book into particularly for dinner. The food is traditional Indonesian inspired and absolutely stunning. I started with a spicy tuna roll, and spicy it was. Followed by an asian calamari stir fry with rice. For dessert we finished with a ginger espresso martini, it is mourishly good and served with a little chocolate ball to balance out the tastes.

La Luccicola:

Is the perfect place to watch a sunset on a clear night or a storm roll in across the ocean during Bali’s rain season. This open plan restaurant is built up on the grass looking out over the Seminyak beach. The cuisine is Italian and I can almost guarantee you will not find better pasta or pizza anywhere else. Their wine list is extensive and perfectly paired with an entrée or main meal. You will need to book at La Luccicola as it is a ‘treat yourself’ sort of restaurant.

La Favela:

Owned by La Luccicola and just as superb. This restaurant is situated in the heart of Seminyak and is a hidden oasis. The interior is something to be inspired by with semi-indoor gardens, artificial waterfalls and ponds, alfresco tables and chairs  all laid out beyond a mini bridge, this jungle and street infused restaurant is something else. The cuisine is somewhat of a French inspired menu, so nestle in, enjoy. cocktail or two with some tapas or a main.


Revolver Cafe: 

Far from the revolver we all know here in Melbourne however perhaps just as dingy but perhaps a little funkier, in a good way. The coffee is beautiful and strong. The staff are delightful and on the ball. Although we did not eat here, we have only heard great reviews about the food. Revolver coffee is distributed locally, so as long as their barista is good, your coffee will be good no matter where you go.


Ritual is an adorable little cafe looking onto the main streets of Seminyak. Tucked in behind is a clothing boutique. Ritual is a great place to sit and read a book or simply people watch as you enjoy your coffee.

Coffe Cartel: 

This is hands down the best coffee in Seminyak. I am personally an Almond Milk drinker and when the coffee does not split, I know it’s a winner. Welcome to Coffee Cartel my friends. If you perhaps are taking Bali as an opportunity to detox or go coffee free, then you can find beetroot lattes, turmeric lattes, matcha lattes, chia lattes. You name it Coffee Cartel have it, and never leave us feeling disappointed.

Expat Roasters:

Expat roasters has originated from Sydney originally. They blend and brew their own Expat coffee brand and if you consider yourself a ‘coffee snob’ you will love it here. Choose from a slow dripped coffee or a latte and pick up any coffee gadgets you may need for your home set up while you are here. The banana bread with coffee infused butter is also a must have with your coffee.


Char Char:

Centred in the hustle and bustle of Seminyak this open teared bar is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon sipping on a cocktail whilst enjoying the people watching.

Potato Head:

This is one of my favourite place to watch the sunset in Seminyak. Potato Head is a happening beach club that is known to get a little wild at night. If that’s not your scene just do what we do, and go there simply for the beautiful sunset over the infinity pool and ocean whilst enjoying a cocktail. The Pimms cocktail I probably the best Pimms you will ever have. Just saying!

Ku De Ta:

Is another beach club and great place to watch the sunset. If going to Ku De Ta I recommend heading there a little earlier as it is first in best dressed when it comes to seating. I do like it here however I choose Potato Head.

Double Six Sunset Rooftop Bar:

If you want unparalleled views of Seminyak beaches then this is the bar for you. Double Six is one of the largest rooftop bars in the world and for good reason has created quiet the name for itself. The sunset does not getting better than from this location. Enjoy a cocktail and some nibbles and sink into the world that Bali has to offer.

I hope you enjoy your travels and the places above as much as we did. Be sure to travel safe and responsibly and be in the present for every moment.

S xx