Top Places to Explore in Bali

Top Places to Explore in Bali

What is it about travel? The new experiences, the people, the food, the culture, the history… whatever it is there is no doubt in my mind that travel is good for your soul. 

Every trip I have I come back feeling more inspired, motivated and alive then ever. Coming over to Bali my expectations weren’t amazingly high. I guess for us Aussies it is such a common place to travel and there are many mixed reviews. I travelled to Bali 12 years ago and loved it then but as an 18 year old at the time, the experience was always going to be very different. Well as it turns out Bali is my new love.

Being here has given me a sense of connectedness, gratitude and the feeling of a higher power all around. I am incredibly blessed and humble that this is where I am and feel my feet have been placed back on the earth. What a perfect place to be in to celebrate my 30th birthday with my love.



There is so much to do and explore. Mac and I know this won’t be our last visit to Bali but until I keep adding to this list each time, here is our top 4 Bali experiences.

Jungle Fish Infinity Pool and Hike.

This is a day I will never forget. My older brother, Mac and I went exploring the jungle, swam in the Jungle Fish an infinity pool. It is centred in the middle of the jungle and is beyond breath taking. From here we hiked through the villages and rice fields where our driver then picked us up from. Such a peaceful day and would highly recommend it. 


Bali Swing.

If you love adrenaline activities and heights this one is for you. The Bali Swing is located in Ubud and situated on a mountain overlooking the jungle. You can spend hours here swinging and enjoying different activities. The biggest swing is 70m high and gives a real rush when launching out over the jungle. 


There is no better way to be in touch with nature and beauty than spending the day visiting different waterfalls. If you are in Bali during rain season you may not be able to swim in the falls but they will still be beautiful to go and admire.



Downhill Mountain Bike Rides.

Head to Ubud for the morning and jump on some bikes for a downhill mountain bike experience. Ride through villages, rice fields and experience all the smells of Bali, fresh air and watch the kids come out of the villages to wave you by. You need to book at least one day prior. The company will come and pick you up from your accomodation and take you to the beginning of the track, you will then ride for a couple of hours and finish with a provided lunch, before getting dropped back at your accommodation. Definitely an experience worth doing.

We hope you enjoy every part of Bali as much as Mac and I did.

S xx