Meet Shelley


Shelley is qualified Nutritionist, and soon to be Naturopath, passionate about using food first to heal the body.

She hopes that by sharing knowledge and passion, she will inspire you to make healthy and positive changes in all areas of your life.

Shelley practises nutrition out of Vida Lifestyles in Sandringham Melbourne, alongside the amazing Dr Damian Kristof and co-host Dr Jess Naughton. She also offers comprehensive online wellness programs as well as a popular blog, where she creates and shares three healthy recipes a week to help you on your journey.

After experiencing her own sudden health storm in 2013, leading to an autoimmune diagnosis. Shelley took it upon herself to learn to listen to the screams and whispers of her body and heal using the power of food. Since then Shelley has continued to practise what she now preaches, whilst learning along the way that happiness is a large part of health. So finding the perfect balance between health and enjoyment is essential. She lives a clean life but still loves dining out regularly especially when an espresso martini is involved.

She believes Freedom Wellness is a support system for all things health and wellness. And says “my mission is to empower & inspire women to heal their mind, body & soul with greater insight into what gives them true balance and wellbeing!”

Find more about Shelley and Freedom Wellness on her website and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for loads of yummy recipes.

Meet Jess


Jess is a qualified and passionate Chiropractor and Yoga Instructor.

She has always had a keen interest in health and knowing how the body works. She now loves combining her knowledge from both professions in order to help women achieve ultimate health and wellbeing.

Jess practices as a Chiropractor out of Vida Lifestyles in Sandringham Melbourne, alongside the amazing Dr Damian Kristof and co-host Shelley McKenzie. Her love and passion for yoga has her teaching Yoga at different studios across Melbourne.

Jess has fortunately always lived a very active, healthy lifestyle, being encouraged from a young age to eat well, move well and think well. She was introduced to Chiropractic at just a few weeks old and being adjusted from such a young age made her understand the importance of a healthy functioning nervous system throughout life. She understands how many factors including exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing can influence ones state of health, and loves that both Chiropractic and Yoga encompass all important factors to build a life of optimum health.

Jess is passionate about inspiring and educating women on how to live their best possible life and she says “my wish is to make living a healthy and happy lifestyle easy and sustainable for everyone”.

Find out more about Jess and her services at Vida Lifestyles and follow her on Instagram for amazing advice on how to live your best life, and an abundance of yoga inspiration you can incorporate into your day to day life.

Jess and Shelley are in private practice, and are dedicated to helping you solve your health concerns.

Find out more about the ways we can work together here