Our mission is to inspire women to self heal their mind, body & soul!


Freedom Wellness Philosophy 

Too often we see women going around in circles with fad diets and miss leading information. Some spend their life on yoyo diets because somewhere along the line we were told this is the way to achieve your health and fitness results. We are here to set the record straight and tell you this is no way to live.

We believe that losing weight or getting fit isn’t solely based around a gym or diet plan (although this is important and we do provide this in our plans.) A large majority comes down to your mindset, as well as changing behaviors which is not as simple as it sounds. BUT when you do have a healthy mind you will have a healthy body which will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Sounds simple huh? Well it actually is- with the right guidance.

The problem is 95% of people know that they need to eat well and exercise in order to lose weight but they just don’t know how to do it, and very few people know how to close the gap in-between. So we are here to educate you and coach you to wellness starting with your mindset. Once we have this under control the rest is easy. Our aim is to give you the tools you need to make lasting change so you can take control of your life after 12 short weeks with us. We believe in order to achieve health & fitness results you must focus on more than just diet and exercise. The only way to achieve lasting results is to focus on the four pillars of health: MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, ENVIRONMENT. This is where we come in… Coaching to us means taking the time to work with you to help get you to where you want to be.


My Qualifications

I 2006 I became a qualified Personal Trainer through Fitnation. In 2014 I completed my Wellness Coaching certificates through Wellness Coaching Australia, and am currently in my fourth year of studying Nutritional Medicine through Australian College of Natural Therapies. I believe combining my qualifications gives me the best of both worlds and allows my clients to be unstoppable. 

As your Health Coach I will educate, encourage and guide you towards your wellness goals through creating healthy behaviors. I walk beside you throughout your journey and support you to take small steps in areas of your life including fitness, nutrition, weight management and stress management. Once you have started implementing the steps that we are teaching you, you will be well on your way to the lifestyle you desire and the results you are seeking. You will be able to make lasting and meaningful change once and for all in your life.

I am continuously researching and actively updating my knowledge and skills within the field of health and wellness in order to provide all of our clients and readers with the most comprehensive information we can.

We have cleared a special place for you and are ready to help you achieve your goals. Simply click here to get started today.

Shelley Keenan

Although I have been working in the fitness industry for the past 10 years, I definitely wasn’t practicing what I preached. I always exercised and lived relatively healthy through the week, but come the weekend I would abuse my body by binge drinking, partying until the wee hours and eating ‘hang over’ foods. This cycle continued until one day it all caught up with me.

I suddenly became extremely sick and over a four week period my health kept deteriorating. Looking back my body had been whispering that something was wrong but I didn’t listen. I was in and out of hospitals, being cared for by family and or doctors, one iron infusion later and test after test I was diagnosed with Hashimotos Disease (A thyroid condition.) This was all only 6 weeks away from riding a motorbike down the coast of India. Although the doctors didn’t agree with the timing of my trip I was going no matter what. With that, they handed me a bag of medication to start taking whilst in India, and advised me I must get blood tests done over there weekly.

For me, what the doctor was saying and the bag of pills I was handed just didn’t sit right. It was at this point I made a decision to take my own health, into my own hands. I learnt to listen to the whispers and screams of my body. I researched everything I could and healed myself through diet and BIG lifestyle changes. I gave up alcohol. I focused on my nutrition with the ‘food is medicine’ principle and slowly started building my sick body back up. I set myself a goal to enter a body building competition, and I started practicing what I preach. 2 years on, I was healed. I attended the odd checkup and consumed no medications, other than food for my medicine.

I then began my journey as a Nutritionist. I do believe there is a place for Western Medicine and not everyone with a sickness or condition like mine will have this success. I do however believe no matter what your situation or circumstance is, everyone can in some way benefit from the ‘food is medicine’ principles and be able to life a healthier and happy life no matter what.

Stuff You Might Not Know About Me!

I have a dog named KEVIN, he is a Boxador (Boxer / Labrador) and soooo adorable.

I am is a country girl from Mulwala NSW.

My family are my world. I speak to my mum and sister everyday on the phone. You will often hear me laughing so hard I snort, cry or gasp for breath when we speak. 

Saying I’m addicted to sweet potato would be an understatement!

I now live a pretty relaxed live down the Peninsula in Melbourne, with my fiance Danny AKA Macca AKA Mr Freedom Wellness. I like the think the beach is my backyard. 

Mac and I are renovating our house. While he does the renovations, I do the styling ;). My style is modern bohemian and definitely another passion of mine. Our home is our sanctuary to relax, recuperate and enjoy each others company. It is full of mix and match furniture and pieces my dad has restored for us over the years, artwork and other bits and pieces we have collected on our travels, lots of plants, and beautiful rugs scattered over our timber floors. 

I love weight training, like really LOVE it. I train 5 – 6 days a week depending on how my body feels. I don’t train because I want to look better or for any particular goal (although I used to.) I train because it truly makes me happy. It’s also rare you will see me do the same workout twice.

I have been travelling the world since I was 19 years old (now 29yrs). The only place I haven’t touched on yet is Europe. Travel gives me inspiration, freedom, wisdom, an abundance of love and purpose. My favourite place to date is South Africa. I traveled here with my best mate Bretty in 2011 and we had the best time! 

I believe you can never have too many raw desserts… well maybe you can. My snickers bar slice is seriously THE BEST!